Department of Public Safety
Mission Statement

Under Mayor Ravenstahl, Pittsburgh has experienced its third-year of historic-crime-lows in more than fifty years. The Mayor appointed former City Fire Chief Michael Huss to serve as his Director of Public Safety in November of 2007. Director Huss oversees and leads the public safety strategy for the bureaus of Police, Fire, EMS, Emergency Management, Building Inspection and Animal Control. Improving community and first responder safety through training, technology, fleet upgrades and increased community visibility are at the core of the public safety strategy.

In 2009, the public safety first responders' professionalism and capabilities were tested when Pittsburgh was handpicked to host the G-20 summit. Public safety personnel put in more than 1,200 hours of planning and operational support and the City hosted a safe and successful G-20 summit. Cities across the world now look to Pittsburgh as the model for getting an event of this magnitude right. Also in 2009, the department successfully managed victory parades for the championship Steelers and Penguins which drew hundreds of thousands of spectators.

Looking forward into 2010-11, the Pittsburgh Initiative to Reduce Crime (PIRC) will be operating to reduce the number of homicides and a neighborhood camera system will be deployed. In addition, Director Huss aims for continually improving the collaboration between bureaus and strengthening the bureaus' relationship with the community.

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