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Public service is a public trust. The City's Ethics Code has been enacted to preserve the trust placed in the public servants of the City, to promote public confidence in government, to protect the integrity of government decision making, and to enhance government efficiency. The Ethics Hearing Board is composed of nine members holding reputations of personal integrity and honesty, tasked with enforcement and education regarding the Ethics Code.

Ethics Board Reminds City Government Candidates to File Finance Reports

The municipal primary on May 16 is the first local election since the adoption of new city ethics rules, and the Ethics Hearing Board is reminding candidates of their obligation to file campaign finance reports.

In 2015, Pittsburgh Ordinance 38-2015 (Title I, Article XI, Chapter 198 of the Pittsburgh Code), required individuals declared as candidates for City elected office and candidate committees to file a campaign finance report with the City of Pittsburgh Ethics Hearing Board.

The reports must be in the form required by the regular Allegheny County Board of Elections pre-primary reporting reports and procedures, and must be filed on the first business day of each of the five months prior to Election Day. 

The forms are available from the County Elections Office or may be downloaded from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania website. Candidates can file their reports in person or by mailing them to The Ethics Hearing Board, Room 328, City-County Building, 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15219.

Failure to file campaign finance reports may result in penalties and fines and subject the candidate to an ethics investigation for violation of Title I, Article XI, Chapter 198 of the City Code. The law says the Board may levy a fine of $50 per day for the late filing of reports.

Candidate finance reports will be available online very soon.  In the interim, you may contact the Executive Manager, Linda A. King, with any questions or concerns, at 412-255-8882 or at linda.king@pittsburghpa.gov.

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Gift Disclosure

The City Ethics Code has recently been amended to require that Public Officials and Public Employees must disclose any gifts valued at over $100.00, except those received from an immediate family member. Additionally, any gifts which total over $100.00 from any single source other than an immediate family member must be reported. All qualifying gifts are to be reported on the publicly available database on the City Ethics Board web page.

The data displayed on the Gift Disclosure List page has been provided by the gift recipients themselves by means of a secure on-line form. Neither the City of Pittsburgh, the Department of City Information Systems or the Ethics Hearing Board have any responsibility for the contents of this gift disclosure database.

  • Gift Disclosure Database - List of Disclosures (Temporarily Down)

Candidate's Campaign Finance Reports

The City Code requires that candidates for City elected office and candidate committees shall, on the first business day of each of the five (5) months prior to election day, provide a campaign finance report, for all candidate committees associated with the candidate for any office sought, in the form mandated by the regular Allegheny County Board of Elections pre-primary reporting forms and procedures to the City's Ethics hearing Board.

William Peduto 4.3.17 |  3.1.17 |  2.1.17 |  5.1.17 |  5.9.17 | 7.13.17 | 8.1.17 | 8.23.17 | 9.1.17 | 10.2.17 | 11.1.17
Dan Gilman 4.3.17 |  4.3.17 |  3.1.17 |  3.1.17 |  5.1.17 | 8.1.17 | 8.23.17 | 9.1.17 | 10.2.17 | 11.1.17
Theresa Kail-Smith 3.3.17 |  3.3.17 |  3.3.17 |  6.21.17 | 7.31.17 | 10.27.17 | 10.27.17 | 10.27.17
Anthony Coghill 4.3.17 |  3.1.17 |  5.1.17 | 11.3.17 | 11.3.17 | 11.3.17 | 11.3.17 | 11.3.17 | 11.3.1712.6.17 
Ashleigh Deemer 4.3.17 |  3.1.17 |  2.1.17 |  5.1.17
John Welch 4.3.17 |  3.3.17
Robert Daniel Lavelle 4.5.17 |  4.5.17 |  4.5.17 |  4.5.17 |  5.9.17
Cletus Cibrone-Abate 6.1.17
Gary McBurney 11.3.17 
Sonja J. Finn 2.1.18 | 2.1.18 | 2.32.18 | 3.1.18
Erika Strassburger 2.1.18 | 3.1.18
Martin Healey 2.5.18 | 3.1.18
Rennick Remley 2.2.18 | 3.1.18
Mark Johnson 2.21.18


Contact Information

To file a complaint, please contact:

Linda A. King, Esquire
Executive Manager, Ethics Hearing Board
313 City County Building, Rm. 328
Pittsburgh, PA  15219
Phone: 412-255-8882