Pittsburgh Cable Communications Advisory Committee

The Pittsburgh Cable Communications Advisory Committee is an advisory body to Council with regard to the optimal use of the cable communications system in the City. In its advisory capacity, the Committee endeavors to promote and develop the best use by the community of the cable system as a tool for community communications.

Each member of Council appoints one representative from his or her respective Council district to serve on the Committee, for a total aggregate of nine district members; and the Mayor appoints two at-large members to serve on the Committee.

Governing Documents

  • Pittsburgh Code Title Four, Article II, Ch. 425, Sec. 425.07


  • Eleven members
    • 9 appointed by City Council
      • 1 per Councilmember
    • 2 appointed by Mayor of Pittsburgh
  • 1 Ex Officio member from City Information Systems
  • 1 nonvoting representative of Comcast Corporation (Franchisee)
  • Must be a resident of the City of Pittsburgh
  • If a Council appointee, presumably (but not explicit) from appointing Councilperson’s district

  • VACANT (Mayor)
    • Term expires 12.31.2013
  • Mike Galovich (District 2)
    • Term expires 12/31/2013
  • Michael Healey (District 5)
    • Term expires 12/31/2011
  • James Isler (District 8)
    • Term expires 12.31.2013
  • Richard King (District 4)
    • Term expires 12.31.2013
  • B.J. Leber (District 7)
    • Term expires 12/31/2011
  • Steve MacIsaac (District 9)
    • Term expires 12.31.2015
  • Janice Markowitz (District 3)
    • Term expires 12.31.2015
  • Michael (Max) McGee (District 1)
    • Term Expires 12.31.2015
  • Oscar J. Petite, Jr. (District 6)
    • Term expires 12.31.2009
  • Gregg Ramshaw (Mayor)
    • Term expires 12.31.2013


  • 2nd Monday of each month, except August

Contact Information

Members of Council (various numbers) or 412-255-2152


The phone lines within the City of Pittsburgh's real estate division are not working due to a mechanical malfunction. Please use the email address RealEstateTaxInfo@pittsburghpa.gov if you need to contact the real estate division for any reason. If email is unavailable to you, please call 412-255-2786 and leave a voicemail. The real estate staff will return all calls as quickly as possible. Thank you.