AFFH Subcommittees

Subcommittee List

The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Task Force has proposed the following sub-committees to more precisely address the barriers that specific communities are facing regarding fair housing:

  1. Race & Ethnicity 
  2. Disability 
  3. Disparate Impact
  4. Sexual Orientation/Gender/Gender Identity 
  5. Outreach & Education 

NOTE: If you are a member of the Task Force and have not yet signed up to participate in one of these committees, please contact us

Subcommittee Tasks

These sub-committees are tasked with:

  1. Identifying barriers to fair housing;
  2. Researching identified barriers;

  3. Creating policy recommendations to alleviate barriers for the full Task Force's review.


Need more information on subcommittees or the Task Force in general? Please call 412-255-2600 or email human.relations@pittsburghpa.gov.


Updated: 3/27/2018