Education & Resources

Resources in English:

 "Discrimination is Against the Law" 

  • Learn more about Housing Discrimination, Employment Discrimination, Public Accommodations Discrimination, and the Commission on Human Relations.

"You & The Police" 

  • Outlines your rights and responsibilities when interacting with the police.

"Now Renting: No Kids, No Blacks, No Latinos."

  • A flyer regarding Housing Discrimination.

"Ethnic Intimidation is Illegal in Pittsburgh!"

  • A flyer regarding zero tolerance of ethnic intimidation in Pittsburgh.

"What if I have a disability?"

  • A flyer regarding your rights to reasonable accommodation and modification in Housing under the Federal Fair Housing Act Amendments.

"If you were robbed, you'd report it..."

  • A flyer from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regarding Housing Discrimination.

Recursos en español (Resources is Spanish):

La Discriminacion es contra la Ley

资源中文 (Resources in Chinese):


नेपाली संसाधन (Resources in Nepali):

भेदभाव कानून   विरूद्ध हो

한국의 자료 (Resources in Korean):


Rasilimali katika Kiswahili (Resources in Swahili):

Ubaguzi ni Kinyume cha Sheria

Recursos em Português (Resources in Portuguese):

Discriminação é Contra a Lei 

(Resources in Arabic):موارد باللغة

                        التمييزضد القانون 

Ресурсы на русском языке (Resources in Russian):

Дискриминация является противозаконным действием


Updated: 3/10/2017

Research Reports

According to the City Fair Practices Provisions found in Article V, Chapters 651 through 659 of the Pittsburgh City code, the Commission on Human Relations has the power and duty to issue publications, reports of investigations, and research in the field of human relations.

View "Fair Housing Choice Analysis: Barriers to Housing Faced By Previously Incarcerated Persons."

In 2011, the Commission conducted a series of community meetings at various locations within the City of Pittsburgh as part of a continuing effort to educate the public with regard to their rights and responsibilities under the City's Fair Housing Law. During these meetings, a common concern repeatedly emerged regarding obstacles in finding housing faced by persons returning to the community following their release from incarceration.

In the later part of 2011, the Commission received notice from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of the availability of funding for certain partnership activities. The Commission proposed a partnership with the Center for Metropolitan Studies at the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs to assess the barriers faced by previously incarcerated persons to obtaining housing within the City of Pittsburgh.

This report was released to the public in August 2013 after one year of hard work. We would like to thank HUD, the Center for Metropolitan Studies, and the Commissioners for supporting this research.

This research will further assist the Commission in meeting the challenges our residents face to enjoying equal access to housing in neighborhoods that are welcoming and equal in the provision of services.


The Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations strives to provide everyone who works, lives or visits the City of Pittsburgh with information about its work.  

Would your community benefit from a presentation from us?  Do you know of an event that would be of interest to us?  Let us know!

Some events and organizations the Commission has been involved with in the past few years:

  • The Summit Against Racism
  • University of Pittsburgh Housing Summit
  • Urban League Thanksgiving Distribution
  • Moms & Cops
  • Duquesne Law School
  • Robert Morris University
  • University of Pittsburgh Center for Race and Social Problems
  • Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh
  • American Red Cross Refugee and Immigrant Health Fair
  • Help or High water Volunteer Fair
  • Civic Leadership Academy
  • ADA Task Force
  • Latino Family Center