Commission on Human Relations
Lynette Drawn-Williamson

Lynette Drawn-Williamson was appointed to serve on the Pittsburgh Human Relations Commission in May of 2005 by Mayor Tom Murphy.   

Commissioner Drawn-Williamson is currently the deputy director of the Shuman Juvenile Detention Center. She attended Duquesne University, where received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and University of Pittsburgh where she earned a Master’s Degree of Public Policy and Management at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA). Commissioner Drawn-Williamson worked at the Ozanam Cultural Center, providing educational, recreational and social after-school activities for inner city youth, and as a child care worker, supervisor and training manager at the Shuman Detention Center, where she was responsible for the daily care of delinquent youth and staff development before becoming deputy director. Her experience in human services, particularly her activism for children and family welfare, provides the Commission with valuable knowledge of the needs and rights of youth in the Pittsburgh region.

Commissioner Drawn-Williamson is an active member in her church and community, a member of the Juvenile Detention Centers Association of PA (JDCAP), vice president of the Kiwanis of East Liberty, board member of Marilyn G. Rabb (MRG) Foundation, Family Development Credential (FDC) trainer and advisor and a Child Welfare Trainer for the University of Pittsburgh. She is a deaconess and chairperson of the St. Paul Baptist Church Youth Ministry.

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