Commission on Human Relations
Leah Williams-Duncan, Esq.

Leah Williams-Duncan, Esquire was first appointed to the Commission on Human Relations by Mayor Tom Murphy in 2005. In June 2011, she was elected by her peers to serve as chair of the Commission.

Commissioner Williams-Duncan is a native of Pittsburgh and has worked for the people of Allegheny County as a hearing officer in the Family Division for the last nine years, conducting over 10,000 hearings. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and a member of the Women’s Bar Association of Western Pennsylvania where she serves as Minority Action Committee Chair.

Commissioner Williams-Duncan proudly served her country through the R.O.T.C. while pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice at Pennsylvania State University and remained an active Army reservist thereafter. She supports numerous community organizations, including the Center for Organ Recovery and Education, the Church of God in Christ’s 1st Jurisdiction of Western Pennsylvania, and STAR Education, a nonprofit program that targets inter-city youth with summer and after school activities.

As a mother, veteran, and hearing officer, Commissioner Williams-Duncan’s unique life experiences provides her with crucial insights in cases of discrimination that come the Commission. Commissioner Williams-Duncan’s work and community involvement is about giving back to the strong communities in which she grew up and providing justice for families of Allegheny County. In April, 2012 Commissioner William-Duncan was reappointed to another 4 years term on the Commission by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. 

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