SCHENLEY PARK SKATING RINK -- closed afternoons due to warm weather

Due to warmer weather, the Schenley Park Skating Rink will be closed for day-time sessions.

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The grand lobby of the City-County Building becomes the setting of an impressive collection of paintings, photographs, drawings, pottery, and other unique pieces of artwork  created by over 100 City employees and their relatives.  

This exhibit allows artists of all skill levels (professional, intermediate, amateur, and youth artists) the opportunity to exhibit their work as well as to compete for cash prizes and art education scholarships.The juried exhibition will be on display in Spring 2017.  An awards ceremony and reception will take place.

ARTWorks Exhibit:  dates to be announced soon
ARTWorks Reception & Awards Ceremony:  dates to be announced soon

Pittsburgh’s NAP Celebrates the City’s Rich History for their Bicentennial

About the National Arts Program®

The National Arts Program's mission is to provide an uninhibited opportunity for employees and their family members to participate in a professional visual arts exhibition.

For 33 years, The National Arts Program® has held annual exhibitions featuring the artwork of employees in a variety of venues including the workplaces of cities, counties, airports, hospitals transit authorities, and other large organizations.

With 82 exhibitions held within 38 states, the program produces around 15,000 pieces of visual art each year, demonstrating to the general public a human dimension of employees previously hidden, making it a vital part of the local cultural community.

2016 ARTWorks Best in Show
Angela Pasquale
“Fully Loaded Drone”
Angela is the mother of Phyllis DiDiane of the Bureau of Police


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