After-School Feeding Program

Two kids eating at after school feeding program.

The Citiparks Child and Adult Care After-School Feeding Program (CACFP), offers an after-school snack and/or dinner to all participants.This program operates at 9 locations throughout the school year; and runs in conjunction with after-school programs at the following recreation/healthy active living centers:

  • Ammon: PM Snack & Dinner
  • Brookline: PM Snack
  • Jefferson: PM Snack & Dinner
  • Magee: PM Snack & Dinner
  • Ormsby: PM Snack & Dinner
  • Paulson: PM Snack & Dinner
  • Phillips: PM Snack & Dinner
  • Sheraden: PM Snack & Dinner
  • Warrington: PM Snack & Dinner