Pedal Your Heart Out! 

The Bud Harris Cycling Track is a half-mile oval loop along Washington Boulevard. It is a one-of-a-kind attraction, drawing elite cyclists and beginners to its banked corners and slight hill. Formerly a drivers' training course, the facility accommodates track and criterium racing and time trials.  

The track's flat interior surface is the perfect place for kids to learn to inline skate or ride bikes or scooters. 

For  racing events and activities, contact the Allegheny Cycling Association at www.acaracing.com

Call 412-255-2539 for more information.

Dek Hockey

Year-Round Hockey in Citiparks!  

Face off outdoors for a game of dek hockey at one of four rinks! This action-packed game scores big with a season spanning winter, spring, summer and fall. Leagues are available for all ages and skill levels. 


  • Banksville Park 
  • Brookline Marmaduke Playground
  • Brighton Heights Lewis Playground
  • Hazelwood Ormsby Playground
  • South Side

Disc Golf

Enjoy a different kind of golf – disc golf!  

Visit the 18-hole Disc Golf Course in Schenley Park.  This course stretches from the Meadow to the Vietnam Veterans Pavilion and winds its way through the park's wooded areas.  

The course offers three tee positions to accommodate the first-time player as well as the seasoned pro.  

You can also stop by the Phillips Park Disc Golf Course in Carrick and play on a nine-hole course designed and built by high school students! 

For More Information: 

  • Call 412.422.6523 
  • Contact the Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society at www.pfds.org

Lawn Bowling

Give Lawn Bowling a roll!  

Try your hand at this 13th century pastime at the Frick Park Bowling Green—the only public lawn bowling green in Pennsylvania. 

The Frick Park Lawn Bowling Club maintains the bowling green and clubhouse. All equipment is available to members without charge. 

The bowling club offers free lessons to beginners, informal bowling, league play, and tournaments. The Frick Park Lawn Bowling Club is a member of the United States Lawn Bowls Association. 

Location: Frick Park Bowling Green, 7300 Reynolds Street, Point Breeze 


Skate Parks

Get your skate on.  

Grab your blades or board and head for Citiparks' exciting skate parks. Whether you're an experienced skater or novice these parks were built for you year round! 

  • McKinley Skate Park in Beltzhoover 
    • This skate park features a course built with ramps, half-pipes, splines and rails to challenge each skater's balance and skill.
  • West Penn Skate Park in Polish Hill 
    • This skate park combines a concrete bowl with pre-fabricated pieces for creative use when skating through the course. 
  • Tuxedo Street Site near Sheraden Park 
    • This skate park features the latest in modular skate park technology–bowls, fun boxes and grind rails–which makes for a challenging course.

For more information: 412.255.2539


Try the trails on foot or on wheels!  

Citiparks offers a variety of bike friendly trails. These routes wind through historic parts of town and show of the skyline with panoramic views from all directions.  

Three Rivers Heritage Trail 

Three Rivers Heritage Trail is the central commuter corridor for a regional bikeway system. The trail extends east out of the city all the way to Washington, D.C.  

Enjoy breathtaking views of the City skyline during leisurely rides along the North Shore Trail and the South Side Trail. 

Eliza Furnace Trail 

Eliza Furnace Trail connects Schenley Park trails with Downtown Pittsburgh. This popular trail, built on the site of former railroad tracks, attracts joggers, walkers and inline skaters in addition to cyclists.