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The Office of Special Events is the official event and film production permitting office for the City of Pittsburgh.

Office of Special Events Hours:
8:00am-4:45pm EST Monday- Friday

To support the city’s rapidly growing event & film industry, the Office of Special Events has streamlined the permitting process for event organizers and film producers with the launch of our new online application software: EventApp Pittsburgh and FilmApp Pittsburgh.  In addition to streamlining the permitting process for events & film projects in the City of Pittsburgh, the Office of Special Events will also be responsible for the following:

  • Issuing permits to events and productions filming on public property in the City of Pittsburgh.
  • Facilitating communication between event organizers and producers and city departments and authorities.
  • Handling cost recovery efforts for City services related to event & film needs.
  • Handling permitting for block-parties and community festivals in addition to special events and films.
  • Producing a wide array of in-house events that are either free or low-cost to the general public.


Via the EventApp application process, applicants can apply for the following permits: 

  • Special Event Permits
  • Block Party Permits
  • Permits for Free Speech events on the City County Building Portico


Via the FilmApp application process, location managers and film producers can apply for the following permits: 

  • Permits for the parking of production trucks for shoots on private property
  • Low-impact shoots that occur on City of Pittsburgh property
  • High-impact shoots that occur on City of Pittsburgh property and require the coordination of City services or assets
  • Permits for commercial still photography shoots on City of Pittsburgh property


To begin you application process, please click below for either EventApp or FilmApp please click the appropriate icon below to get started! Please be sure to read the information provided on the EventApp & FilmApp home pages regarding application deadlines and application fees. Please call 412-255-2641 with any questions. 





**FilmApp Pittsburgh will launch soon! Please contact 412-255-2641 or 412-255-8976, or email for film permit information**


Once an application is received and logged, it moves on to the vetting process via the Special Events Committee. The Special Events Committee is a group of representatives from various City departments, including Public Safety, Public Works, Parks & Recreation, Emergency Management, and the Port Authority. This group meets every Tuesday morning to review the applications received the previous week, and to continue discussion on any applications that have been held over from the previous week.

The job of this committee is to review each application and determine if the proposed event is viable, make sure the dates and locations requested are available, ensure that proper procedure is being followed, and that any needed City resources are properly allocated and not over-booked.

If necessary, the committee may request that an organizer attend a committee meeting to further discuss their proposed event, and to work one-on-one with department representatives to iron out any needs from the respective departments.

The members of the Special Events Committee are:

Brian Katze

Special Events Manager

Dept. of Public Safety    

John J. Chapman

Special Events Coordinator

Dept. of Public Safety

Bill Crean

Streets Superintendent

Dept. of Public Works

Justin Salinetro

Operations Manager

Dept. of Public Works

Alan Asbury

Permits Specialist

Dept. of Public Works

Alan Hausman

Emergency Management Planner

Emergency Management & Homeland Security

Lisa Epps

Master Firefighter & Inspector

Bureau of Fire

Amera Gilchrist

Assistant Chief

Emergency Medical Services

Clarence Trapp

Commander, SDD

Bureau of Police

Chuck Rompala

Road Operations

Port Authority Transit

Julie Reiland

Gov’t & PR Liaison

Permits, Licenses, & Inspections

Jonathan Furman

Lead Park Ranger





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