CitiParks Swimming/Pools

Make a splash at one of CitiPark's outdoor swimming pools. At a CitiParks swimming pool you can...

  •  Learn to swim
  •  Join a Swim Team
  •  Take a Water Aerobics Class
  •  Enjoy a Community Water Carnival
  •  And more!

Our outdoor pools will be open June 13, 2017 through Labor Day.

Pool Operation Schedule:

  • Learn to swim
  • Join a Swim Team
  • Take a Water Aerobics Class
  • Enjoy a Community Water Carnival
  • And more!

Swimming Pools Outdoor


Regional pools continue daily operation through Sept. 4; other pools closing for season.

Beginning on Friday, August 18, the following six Citiparks pools will remain open through Labor Day:
HIGHLAND PARK, 151 Lake Drive, Highland Park (412-665-3637)
JACK STACK, 600 Brighton Woods Road, Brighton Heights (412-766-4577)
MOORE, 1801 Pioneer Avenue, Brookline (412-571-3223)
REAM, 321 Merrimac Street, Mt. Washington (412-488-8312)
SCHENLEY PARK, Overlook Drive, Oakland (412-422-4266)
SUE MURRAY, 301 Cedar Avenue, North Side (412-323-7914)

Hours of operation for these regional pools will be:
Friday, August 18:  1 - 7:45 p.m.
Saturdays & Sundays (Aug. 19 & 20 and 26 & 27):  1 - 5:45 p.m.
Monday through Friday (Aug. 21 - 25):  1 - 7:45 p.m.
Monday through Friday (Aug. 28 - Sept. 1):  4 - 7:45 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday & Labor Day (Sept. 2, 3 & 4): 1 - 5:45 p.m.
Reduced staffing levels will result in the closure of all other Citiparks pools.
Thursday, August 17, is the last day of operation at the following pools:  Ammon (Hill District), Banksville, Bloomfield, Homewood, Magee (Greenfield), McBride (Lincoln Place), Ormsby (South Side), Phillips (Carrick), Riverview Park, Sheraden, West Penn (Polish Hill) and Westwood.
For information, visit www.Citiparks.net or call 412-323-7928.

Outdoor Pools List
2217 Bedford Avenue
Hill District 15219
408 Ella Street
Bloomfield 15224
151 Lake Drive
Highland Park 15206
540 N. Lang Avenue
Homewood 15208
745 Greenfield Avenue
Greenfield 15217
1 Overlook Drive
Schenley Park 15213
West Penn
450 30th Street
Polish Hill 15219
Jack Stack
600 Brighton Woods Road
Brighton Heights 15212
400 Riverview Avenue
Perry North 15214
Sue Murray
301 Cedar Avenue
North Side 15212
1461 Crane Avenue
Banksville 15220
1785 McBride Street
Lincoln Place 15207
1801 Pioneer Avenue
Brookline 15226
79 S. 22nd Street
South Side 15203
201 Parkfield Street
Carrick 15210
321 Merrimac Street
Mt. Washington 15211
100 Guyland Street
Westwood 15205

Outdoor Swimming Pool Locations


Oliver Bath House

Oliver Bath House

Indoor Aquatics Programs at Oliver Bath House (OBH)

  • Location: 38 S. 10th Street, South Side
  • Info: 412-488-8380

Oliver Bath House Schedule Changes
May 16, 2017 | Closed 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
May 29, 2017 | Closed
May 31, 2017 | Closed 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
June 13, 2017 | CLOSED FOR SUMMER

The Oliver Bath House is an indoor facility open during the fall, winter and spring seasons for aquatic recreation. Make a splash by joining a water aerobics class, enjoying a family swim session — or earn to swim..

Note: Any child under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) in the pool.

Programs include water aerobics and swimming lessons for infants, preschoolers, children and adults. Scheduled sessions will include open swim, family swim, adult swim and health & fitness swim.

Season passes purchased during the summer for admission to Citiparks outdoor pools will be honored at the Oliver Bath House. Individuals can buy pool tags at the indoor pool during regular operating hours.


Spray Parks

Cool off during hot days (late spring - early fall) at Citipark's "spray parks!"

You do not need swimming skills to enjoy the spray parks. Spray parks are accessible to the tiniest toddler to a pre-teen adventurer, and even those using wheelchairs.

Let your imagination run wild, as sensors cause sprayers to magically turn on and off in this three-dimensional world of water. It's guaranteed to bring back memories of running through sprinklers...but this time with a lot more fun, color and movement.

Locations, Map & Directions

Map of Citiparks Spray Park locations.

  • Beechview - Vanucci Playground, Orangewood Avenue & Westfield
    • Directions: Beechview Spray Park is located at the end of the 1200 block of Orangewood Avenue.
    • From West Liberty Avenue (outbound after driving through Liberty Tunnel): Turn right onto Brookside Avenue and continue until it ends at Sebring Avenue. Turn left on Sebring and a half block later, turn right onto Orangewood Avenue. Continue on Orangewood until it ends in the spray park parking lot.
  • Burgwin – Burgwin Playground, Johnston Avenue and Mansion Street, Hazelwood
    • Directions:  From Second Avenue, turn onto Mansion Street and pass Burgwin Field.
  • East Hills - East Hills Park, Wilner Drive 
  • Shadyside - Mellon Park, Fifth Avenue
    • Location: Mellon Park Spray Park is located adjacent to the Mellon Park Tennis Center on Fifth Avenue at the intersection of Beechwood Boulevard.
  • Troy Hill - Cowley Playground, Goettman Street
    • Directions: From 16th Street Bridge (outbound from Downtown) continue straight on Chestnut Street. Turn right onto Phineas Street (becomes Troy Hill Road). Continue on Troy Hill Road and at top of hill make sharp left onto Goettman Street. Spray park is located next to ballfield.
  • Warrington - 329 E. Warrington Avenue, Beltzhoover
    • ​Directions: Warrington Spray Park is located adjacent to Warrington Recreation Center. From Saw Mill Run Boulevard, turn onto W. Warrington Avenue and continue until reaching the recreation center. Turn left on Estella Avenue.


If you want to swim in a CitiParks pool you will need to pay a daily admission fee OR purchase a pool tag.

Pool Tags

Buying a pool tag will give you access to any open CitiPark pool AND the Oliver Bath House. This is a great option for people who want to spend a lot of time in the water.

Non-City Residents

  • $45 for Adults or Youth

Daily Admission Fees

If you just want to swim for a day, you can pay for a daily admission ticket at any pool.

  • $3 for youth (3 to 15)
  • $5 for adults (16 years and older)

Pool Tags for City Residents

  • Note: To buy this pass you will need proof of your city residency. Examples include: ...
  • $60 for a Family of Four; $10 for each additional member
  • $30 for an Adult (16 years and older)
  • $20 for a Senior (60 years or older)
  • $15 for a youth (3 to 15 years old)
  • Free for young children (2 and under)
  • Free for Disabled veterans, activate duty military and activated reservist guard members.
  • City of Pittsburgh residents who receive government assistance can buy tags at a 50% discount. A case print-out and Proper ID are required to receive the discount.

Non-City Residents

  • $45 for Adults or Youth

Daily Admission Fees

If you just want to swim for a day, you can pay for a daily admission ticket at any pool.

  • $3 for youth (3 to 15)
  • $5 for adults (16 years and older)


  • Pool tags must be worn at all times
  • Swim suits are required for the pool and deck area
  • Patrons must shower before entering the pool
  • No running, dunking, horseplay or profanity
  • No diving on the shallow side of safety line
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the facility
  • Food and drink are permitted only in designated area
  • Swimmers under six years of age must be accompanied by an adult 16 years or older
  • The Head Lifeguard must approve all flotation devices. Inflatable flotation devices are prohibited
  • Lounge chairs & strollers must be kept at a minimum distance of ten feet from poolside
  • Patrons with medical conditions should inform the Lifeguards
  • Citiparks is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property
  • Complaints - see the Head Lifeguard for procedures
  • Lifeguards are responsible for your safety, so please follow the rules

Violations of above rules may result in disciplinary action up to and including loss of pool privileges.


During the summer Citiparks offers a variety of programs and activities at outdoor pools throughout the city. Talk to the head lifeguard for more information about programs scheduled at your pool. Please note: You must have a pool pass to take part in any aquatics program (except for swim teams and the free "Learn to Swim" camp).

Adult Lap Swim (For individuals 16 years and older)
Adults 16 years of age or older and competitive high school swimmers are welcome to use the pool to swim laps. Swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool back and forth in an orderly fashion. Kickboards and pull buoys are available.

Water Aerobics (for individuals 16 years and older)
Enjoy a water aerobics class using the resistance of water to tone and increase strength as well as cardio fitness. This program creates no stress on the joints and is great for swimmers and non-swimmers.

Senior Water Aerobics
Take aerobics at a more leisurely pace with other seniors. This great low-impact workout uses various aquatic programming equipment and allows you to work at your own pace.

Swim Teams (6 to 18 years old)
Join your local pool team to compete against teams from other Citiparks pools throughout the summer. You might even compete in the Championship Swim Meet in August! Ask the head lifeguard at your local pool how to become a member of the swim team.

Water Carnivals
Throughout the summer, lifeguards organize water shows and carnivals at community pools. Talk to the head lifeguard at your local pool about joining in the fun.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh takes part with games and prizes for all ages!


Infant/Preschool Swimming Lessons

For Children 18 months to 5 years old

Join your youngster in the pool for five, fun half-hour classes. Your child will learn water entry, kicks, glides, arm movements and water play.

Please note: Parents must take part in the class in the water.

Children's Learn-to-Swim

For Children 6 to 15 years old

Enroll your child in 10 swimming classes this summer. Your youngster learns basic water skills while focusing on water safety.

NOTE: Session 1 of the Children’s Learn-to-Swim Class is free (Limited Class Sizes)

Adult's Learn-to-Swim

For Individuals 16 and Older

Any age is the perfect age to learn to swim! Overcome your fear of the water and gain basic water skills by registering for an adults-only class.


The Citiparks Championship Swim Meet at Highland Park's long-course swimming pool remains the ultimate challenge for Citiparks swim teams!

Hundreds of youths represent their local pools in this day-long event.

Swimmers ranging in age from 6 to 18 years old compete in both individual and team relay events. After each event, the top eight winners are awarded medals or ribbons. At the end of the day, the points are tallied and the overall team standings are announced.

Annual Citiparks Swim Meet Results - August 5, 2017 at Highland Park

Girl Team Scores:

  1. Magee - 212 points
  2. Moore - 136 points
  3. Jack Stack - 110 points 
  4. Westwood - 106 points
  5. Phillips - 88 points 
  6. Banksville - 79 points
  7. Ream - 70 points
  8. Sue Murray - 48 points
  9. Highland -48 points
  10. Riverview - 12 points
  11. West Penn - 2 points
  12. Bloomfield - 1 point

Boy Team Scores:

  1. Magee - 261 points
  2. Westwood - 166 points
  3. Moore - 104 points
  4. Jack Stack - 104 points
  5. Phillips - 101 points
  6. Highland - 89 points
  7. Ammon - 78 points
  8. Ream - 23 points
  9. Banksville - 16 points
  10. Sue Murray - 16 points
  11. Ormsby - 14 points


  1. Magee - 473 points
  2. Westwood - 272 points
  3. Moore - 240 points
  4. Jack Stack - 214 points
  5. Phillips - 189 points
  6. Highland - 137 points
  7. Banksville - 95 points
  8. Ream - 93 points
  9. Ammon - 78 points
  10. Sue Murray - 64 points
  11. Ormsby - 14 points
  12. Riverview - 12 points
  13. West Penn - 2 points
  14. Bloomfield - 1 point