Clean Pittsburgh Commission

The Clean Pittsburgh Commission (CPC) was established in August 2005 through legislation introduced to City Council by then Councilman Doug Shields and co-sponsored by then Council members Dan Deasy, Bill Peduto and Luke Ravenstahl. The CPC’s mission is: to work to improve the environmental quality of life of Pittsburgh residents through litter and illegal dumping prevention, clean-up and enforcement.

The CPC is comprised of 15 representatives from various City departments, local non-profits, individuals and community groups. The activities of the CPC are focused in three primary areas: 1) monitoring/awareness/prevention, 2) clean-up, and 3) enforcement. The primary function of the CPC is to provide oversight, direction, leadership, resources and assistance to community groups and individuals while serving as the liaison between these groups and the appropriate City departments.


  • Second Thursday of every month, 9 am.

Contact Information

Sarah Alessio Shea, Chair
Phone 412-773-7156
Fax 412-488-7492



Meet N Greet Mixer & Bob Awards

Since 2008, the Clean Pittsburgh Commission has held the annual Meet n Greet Mixer and Bob Awards to recognize the great local neighborhood leaders who go above and beyond to make their neighborhoods a better place to live.

The Awards, a tribute to the late Mayor Bob O’Connor and his dedication to cleaning up the city, were created to recognize local efforts to clean-up, prevent and eliminate litter in City neighborhoods and are presented by Councilman Corey O’Connor and Judy O’Connor each year at the event.

2016 Meet N Greet Photos

Litter & Illegal Dumping Roundtable

The Clean Pittsburgh Litter and Illegal Dumping Roundtable is the one in a series of innovation-based discussions allowing the City to hear from non-profit and civic leaders, academics and government officials on the topic of litter and illegal dumping in the City of Pittsburgh.  The event was held on July 9, 2015 and was filmed for later broadcast on the City of Pittsburgh Cable Channel.  The Roundtable was recorded and can currently be viewed on the City’s YouTube Channel.


Neighborhood of Focus

Starting in 2014 the CPC has choosen a specific area of the City in which to address quality of life issues for a year to two year period.  For 2014 and 2015 the CPC worked in Hazelwood with such partners as the Hazelwood Initiative and Center of Life.  Some of our highlights included:

  • Litter Prevention education at Youth Summer Camp
  • Installation of camera in Hazelwood Greenway to monitor illegal dumping
  • Over 14 vacant lots and 3 roadsides cleared of 50,000 pounds of debris and vegetation by CPC member organization Allegheny CleanWays
  • 6,500 pounds of electronics and 92 Tires collected at neighborhood Hard to Recycle Collection organized by CPC member organization the Pennsylvania Resources Council

Clean Neighborhood Stewards

The Clean Pittsburgh Commission keeps in contact with representatives who are involved in beautification work in their city neighborhoods.  These contacts are called Clean Neighborhood Stewards.  The CPC works with these stewards promote cleanup and beautification initiatives, contacts them with updates on grants and city programs and more.  

What We Do

Vision & Mission

The vision of the Clean Pittsburgh Commission is to be a driving force to continuously improve the quality of life for everyone in Pittsburgh, to inspire everyone here to clean up and safeguard the City of Pittsburgh as America’s most livable city, and to serve as a model for other cities.

The mission of the Commission is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Pittsburgh through relentless public service and collaborative efforts with public, private and nonprofit organizations and individuals to maintain clean and healthy environments throughout our neighborhoods and business districts.

2017 Clean Pittsburgh Commission Schedule


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2016 Clean Pittsburgh Commission Schedule


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