Art Commission

The Art Commission works to improve the aesthetic quality of the City's public spaces. The Commission is comprised of seven members appointed by the Mayor, and each member represents a various discipline in the arts or design field.

The Art Commission is mandated to review the urban design, architectural, and landscape features of structures which are erected on or above land owned by the City. These are structures or landscapes which are within the public realm and under its control and in which City funds are invested; including parks and bridges. The Art Commission administers the review process, which includes preliminary and final approvals.

The Art Commission is also mandated to review all works of art owned by the City of Pittsburgh and also art works proposed to be acquired by the City.

For more information about the Art Commission, email Yesica Guerra, the Public Art & Civic Design Manager, at yesica.guerra@pittsburghpa.gov.


  • Rob Indovina, Acting Chair
  • Mark Baskinger
  • Sarika Goulatia
  • Kathryn Heidemann
  • Kilolo Luckett
  • Kary Arimoto-Mercer 
  • Andrew Moss

Ex-Officio Member

  • Mike Gable

For more information about the art commission, please see the Art Commission FAQ tab above.

Art Commission Hearings are open to the public.  Community members are welcome to provide in person or written statements about items on the Art Commission agenda each month. To send written statements, write to  Art Commission, c/o The Department of City Planning, 200 Ross Street, 4th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 or email comment@pittsburghpa.gov

Comments should be received at least two weeks prior to each hearing.



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