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Bicycle Parking

Abundant and convenient bicycle parking is vital to supporting our growing community of people who bike in Pittsburgh. Designating parking spots for cyclists is a necessary and effective way to make transportation by bicycle convenient and more appealing. Business districts benefit economically from being bikeable and sufficient bicycle parking also lowers the number of bicycles locked to trees, benches, or railings in an area, keeping the sidewalk clear for pedestrians.

Sidewalk Bicycle Racks

The City of Pittsburgh installs sidewalk bicycle racks on a district wide basis across the city and free of charge. We welcome your suggestions for bicycle rack locations and will do our best to accommodate your location requests when we are planning the next installation for your neighborhood. Before approving any rack request, we evaluate every location to make sure it meets public space regulations. 

Bicycle Corrals

Bicycle corrals are grouped bike parking installations placed in the parking lane. The City of Pittsburgh will place bicycle corrals where bicycle parking demand is higher than can be accommodated by sidewalk bicycle racks.

Corrals will be installed on the basis of parking need, the amount of support from surrounding businesses and residents, and the layout of the street. Corral sponsors are responsible for maintaining the space by keeping the corral clear of snow and debris.

Bicycle Racks for Developers

Pittsburgh Zoning Code requires and incentivizes bicycle parking for certain developments. Please read the developer guide below for more information.


Kristin Saunders
Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator



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