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The City's Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator is responsible for projects that advance the City's bicycle/pedestrian initiatives. These initiatives outline both short and long term goals to enhance the safety of the City's pedestrians, commuter, and recreation cyclists, as well as to serve as guidelines for the City to achieve Bicycle Friendly Status.

Proposed Bicycle Improvements

Negley Avenue Lane

On Thursday, May 26, 2016, the Department of City Planning presented a proposal to connect the East End neighborhoods of Highland park, Friendship, East Liberty, Garfield and Shadyside with bicycle facilities along NegleyAvenue. The proposal includes safety improvements for pedestrians, bicyclists as well as motorized traffic.

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Bigelow Boulevard Lane

On Wednesday, June 1st 2016, the Department of City Planning presented a proposal to complete the Bigelow Boulevard bicycle lane from Forbes Avenue to Fifth Avenue, filling in a critical gap on the existing Bigelow bike lane. The proposal consists of 2 6-foot bike lanes, a pedestrian median and repainted pedestrian crosswalk to help complete the Oakland bike network.

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Federal and East Street Lanes

On Thursday, April 21st 2016, the Department of City Planning presented a proposal for Federal Street and East Street.  The Federal Street project includes installing 2 6-foot bicycle lanes between North Avenue to Henderson Street with minimal parking removal.  The project includes narrowing the vehicle travel lanes from 12' to 10', providing safety benefits for bicyclists, pedestrians, and automobile drivers.  On East Street, the elimination on one northbound vehicle lane and the narrowing of travel lanes from 12' to 10' allows for installation of a buffered bicycle lane.    

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Urban Cycling Committee

The Urban Cycling Committee is an inter-agency working group devoted to project coordination as it relates to creating Pittsburgh's bicycling infrastructure. The group meets on the first Monday of every month and includes representatives from City Planning, Public Works, Office of Management and Budget, Bike Pittsburgh and Healthy Ride Bike-Share. Please contact Kristin Saunders, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, with any questions about the committee.

City Planning Resources and Contacts

  • Please report any bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure issues to: 311

Kristin Saunders

Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator

Department of City Planning

200 Ross Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Akshali Gandhi

Transportation Planner

Department of City Planning

200 Ross Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Other Pittsburgh Bicycle Resources

Bicycle Pedestrian Internship

The Department of City Planning provides a number of for credit/for experience unpaid internships for both graduate and undergraduate students with interest in bicycle and pedestrian design, data collection, and research. These internships are designed to be part time with flexible time frames so that students can combine them with a class or work schedule. They are available throughout the year.

Interested students should send a resume to:

Richard Meritzer
Department of City Planning
200 Ross Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
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