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General Project Submissions

Each project requires various submissions, based on the scope of that project. Examples of submissions include:

  • Development Review Application
  • Check or money order for the zoning fee
  • Site plan including surrounding streets/context
  • Building elevations
  • Landscaping plan
  • Traffic study
  • Automobile and bicycle parking plans
  • Stormwater management plan

NOTE: Some submissions may have already been required during the Design Review process. 

Planning Commission Presentations

Two presentations are required to receive Planning Commission approval. In most cases we recommend that the property owner and project designer attend the meetings; either party can make the presentation. City Planning staff introduces each project before theapplicant’s presentation.

The first presentation starts around 1:00 p.m., during briefing and is “off the record”. The public is welcome to observe, but no public comments are taken. The second presentation is made during hearing and action at a later meeting date, generally two weeks later.  It begins no earlier than 2:00 p.m., and is “on the record”. The same presentation as the briefing is made, plus anything for which the Planning Commission had requested more details. The commission usually votes on this day.

Presentation boards are acceptable for smaller projects while electronic presentations are encouraged for larger projects. A computer and projector is available; the file can be brought on a CD or thumb/flash drive. Files may be in either PDF format (with pages combined into one document) or MS PowerPoint format. Also bring 14 hard copies for the commission members and staff on the day of the hearing.

After Planning Commission

There will likely be conditions for final approval, especially for larger projects. These may include review of the final site plan, landscaping details, bike and automobile parking details, and building elevations. If a transportation study was done during the zoning review process, then final approval by the Transportation Planner and Traffic Engineer will likely be a condition.


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