What is a CSA

CSA is a partnership between local farmers and supportive members. Farmers receive payment for an entire season upfront, and members become share-holders who get a weekly share of harvested produce! Share sizes vary, and you can elect to split a large share with a colleague. 

Why should you get involved?

This arrangement benefits both farmers and members. Farmers have a guaranteed market and money to pay for labor and supplies at the beginning of the season; you get fresh food all season while knowing the origin of your food and how it is grown.

Also, people who eat fruit and vegetables as part of their daily diet have a reduced risk of many chronic diseases. Therefore, buying locally grown food is not only good for the environment and the economy, it’s also great for your health!

The City hosts two farms for CSA, Who Cooks for You Farm and Dillner Family Farm. You can host a CSA at your home or workplace by contacting the farmer. Find a CSA here.