Bunches of fresh redishes placed on sales table.

In this section you can learn the legal ins and outs of selling food from your home or community garden, advertising your sustainable restaurant, how to donate surplus food, and Good Samaritan laws around food donation.

Sell What You Grow:
You can sell what you grow right in your own neighborhood. You'll need an Outdoor Retail Sales and Service Accessory Use Permit from the Zoning Department at the City. For that you'll need a site plan that includes identifying where the market stand, customer standing area, and trash receptacle will be placed to assure it doesn’t encroach on the public right of way or adjacent property.

Adopt-A-Lot Market Stand Lease:
In order to donate or sell uncut, unprocessed produce that you've grown on City-owned land on site one would pursue a Market Stand Lease

For more information about zoning requirements see Pittsburgh Municipal Code section 912.06. 

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