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This page is intended to provide basic background info about the who, what, when, where, and why of the EcoInnovation District.  For ongoing info about the project (meetings, presentations, to provide input, etc.), please visit the project page at:

About the EcoInnovation District

The Department of City Planning is working with a team led by Interface Studio that is providing consulting services for the EcoInnovation District plan in Uptown & Oakland.

The EcoInnovation District plan is underway and will be completed in early 2017. The plan will be  environmentally and economically innovative and enhance equitable land use, mobility, energy, and infrastructure that will embody sustainability in all aspects of development.

We had a big public kick-off event in February 2016, and several smaller community engagements since then. Steering Committee presentations are also available on the project website.  For more background info about our team, check out the press release from Mayor Peduto's office about the consultant selection.

Who is involved with this project?

First and foremost, this is intended to be a plan by and for the people. The EcoInnovation District will have a great story to tell. The process of creating a forward-thinking plan can be a fantastic way of elevating the awareness and excitement about a place if people are truly, creatively engaged. Community ownership of this plan is essential.

Of course, to get us to this point we've relied on the expertise of a group of engaged stakeholders. Partners from  the groups listed have been critical in formulating the governance structure of the process and consultant selection:

This core team has been working together since May 2014 to develop the framework for this project. The core team attended the EcoDistricts incubator program in Portland, OR to learn about the EcoDistricts approach to community planning. Together, with the concept of Innovation Districts, the core team merged these ideas into the EcoInnovation District plan.

Our consultant team consists of a number of world-class firms. Interface Studio LLC is a planning and urban design practice based in Philadelphia, PA. Their ability to blend research and analytical thinking with design as well as their engaging graphic communication has been recognized with five APA (American Planning Association) National Planning Awards as well as an ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) National Landscape Honor Award.

To realize the full potential of the EcoInnovation District Plan, Interface Studio has teamed with: 

What's this plan all about?

The EcoInnovation District is intended to:

  • Attract and guide new investment
  • Create unique places and experiences
  • Expand the local economy
  • Reduce the City’s environmental footprint
  • Ensure equity and access to local opportunities.

To achieve all of these goals, while operating within fiscal constraints, requires proactive thinking. In short, Uptown needs progressive action and a progressive vision driven by those most familiar with the issues and opportunities.

Here's a graphic of the approach:

How was the consultant team selected?

The winning consulting team was chosen after a publicly advertised Request for Qualifications that resulted in 30 responses, submitted by groups representing more than 130 planning, architecture, engineering, energy, and community engagement firms from around the world. After evaluation by a core team representing the City of Pittsburgh*, the five highest rated teams were invited to submit detailed written proposals and to interview with the core team.

The evaluating team members:

  • Uptown Partners of Pittsburgh
  • Oakland Planning & Development Corp.
  • the Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • Port Authority of Allegheny County
  • Sustainable Pittsburgh.

To get a better understanding of what we asked for from consultant teams, check out the following documents: 

  • Request for Qualifications (issued on 2/9/15)
    • The Request for Qualifications document outlines the general types of expertise we were looking for, and the basics of the plan elements.
  • Request for Proposals (issued on 3/26/15)
    • The Request for Proposals document is more detailed, and outlines the entire scope of work that we were asking consultants to provide.

What area are we talking about?

The area under consideration for the EcoInnovation District stretches all the way from Downtown Pittsburgh through the Uptown neighborhood and finally into West Oakland. Additional areas are being studied push further into Oakland in terms of transportation improvements and development/infrastructure financing (using value capture methods such as TRID).

The map below highlights the overall project study area in green (known as the "value capture" area). The blue hashed area is the Uptown focus area. In the focus area, detailed planning around land use (zoning), stormwater, energy, equity, economic development, etc., will take place.

Why this area? Why now?

The Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh presents unique conditions that serve to simultaneously inspire and frustrate those who see its true potential.  While strategically located between the economically vibrant Downtown and Oakland (and across the river from the thriving South Side), the neighborhood has seen levels of disinvestment and deterioration that are not befitting such a well-connected area of the city.

There are several framing points that help to answer the "why here and why now" question:

  • An investment in Uptown, and the Fifth/Forbes Corridor that runs through it, is an example of our mutual commitment to communities that have not shared in Pittsburgh’s growth and recovery up until this point.
  • Uptown presents the ability to build from the market strengths of Downtown and Oakland while supporting grassroots efforts being led by residents, entrepreneurs, and local institutions throughout the neighborhood.
  • The EcoInnovation District will reflect next generation technology, human-centric innovation, and advanced sustainability practices in all aspects of its development.
  • Ongoing discussion of transit investments is likely to drive positive development and is bringing attention to the neighborhood. Including discussion of a possible bus rapid-transit line.
  • Developing an environmentally innovative, equitable land use and mobility plan is a timely approach that addresses neighborhood challenges and builds on existing momentum across the city.
  • Collaboration and trust between all corridor stakeholders--community residents, institutions, businesses, and government--is critical for setting a framework for investment for sustainable growth in the corridor.
  • The processes and goals of the EcoInnovation district should serve as a model for widened deployment into other areas in the City of Pittsburgh.

When is this all supposed to take place?

The EcoInnovation District plan will be developed from Fall 2015 until early 2017, with a great deal of public interaction over that time period.  Of course, there will be traditional neighborhood meetings, but we will also be employing many other methods of community engagement, such as social media, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, pop-up events, and more. The public interaction phase of the plan launched with a kick-off event in February 2016--stay tuned for more info about future events.

Who can I contact for more info?

  • For more information, contact the Project Manager:
Justin Miller, Senior Planner  
City of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning
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