Geographic Information Systems
Geographic Information Systems

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) combines the fundamentals of mapmaking with the technologies of statistics, econometrics, and digital visualization. GIS is an integral part of the decision making process for urban planning, transportation planning, and development (residential and commercial) in the City of Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh GIS Division of City Planning provides all the mapping for the City of Pittsburgh. The GIS Division coordinates with all City departments, and also provides analysis for external partners like the Census Bureau, visiting security agencies, and federal agencies like the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The GIS Division has recently launched a new mapping application found here to better serve the residents of Pittsburgh. Users of this new application can locate addresses within the City, draw (and print) polygon outlines around areas of interest, overlay data layers, and identify parcel information from within their web browser. As the functionality of this application grows we hope to both improve efficiency in data consumption and increase transparency of local government decisions.

In moving forward with more online services we hope to better serve the residents of Pittsburgh as well as persons living outside our area. If you are in need of hard copy or custom order maps for display, our map request forms can be printed online and mailed in.

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