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Historic Review Commission

Preserving the Past by Planning for the Future

The Department of City Planning is thrilled that our “Preserving the Past by Planning for the Future” event held on November 16th, 2015, was a resounding success.  We had a total of 70 attendees which was well beyond what we had hoped for.  Thank you all so much for your participation. As promised, below you will find PDF versions of the studies presented at the event.  I encourage you to read them and provide us any feedback you may have.

In closing, none of this could have occurred without the assistance of Point Park University.  Their support has been invaluable in this effort.

The Historic Review Commission (HRC) protects and maintains historically and architecturally significant buildings and neighborhoods in the City. The HRC is comprised of seven members appointed by the Mayor which must include an architect, a preservationist, a realtor, a building inspector, and a planner.

When a building is designated as an historic landmark, the Historic Review Commission has jurisdiction over all proposed new construction, demolition, and exterior work to the building. The review process begins only when an owner decides to do work to the exterior of their building. For more information on designating structures in your neighborhood as historic landmarks, call (412) 255-2243.


  • Chairman (vacant)
  • Ernie Hogan (Acting Chair)
  • Ray Gastil, Director of City Planning
  • Erik Harliss, Assistant Chief, PLI, Secretary
  • Carol Peterson
  • Joe Serrao
  • Matthew Falcone

HRC Rules & Procedures

Application Form and Requirements

Historic District Guidelines

Historic District Maps

Historic Preservation Program References

Pittsburgh City-designated Historic Properties
City of Pittsburgh Code of Ordinances--Historic Preservation
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Cultural Resource Database
National Park Service Technical Briefs
National Register Bulletin 16a

Additional Items

Oliver Bath House Historic Nomination
Card Carriage House Nomination
Walton House Historic Nomination
Turney House Historic Nomination
Immanuel Church Historic Nomination
Hunt Armory Historic Nomination
Naser's Tavern Historic Nomination
Bayard School Historic Nomination
Catahecassa Historic Nomination
Howe Springs Historic Nomination
Voegtly Spring Historic Nomination
Winter Homes Historic Nomination
Accamando Center Historic Nomination
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