Historic Review Commission

The Historic Review Commission (HRC) maintains historical/significant buildings and neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. The HRC is made up of seven members appointed by the Mayor. The membership of the commission must include an architect, a preservationist, a realtor, a building inspector, and a planner.

The HRC has control over any proposed new construction, demolition, or exterior work to an historic landmark. The review process begins when an owner decides to do work to the building.

For more information on designating structures in your neighborhood as historic landmarks, call (412) 255-2243

Commission Members

  • Lucia Aguirre, Chairperson
  • Ray Gastil, Director of City Planning
  • Erik Harliss, Assistant Director, PLI, Secretary
  • Carol Peterson
  • Matthew Falcone
  • Karen Loysen
  • Vacant

HRC Rules & Procedures

Application Form and Requirements