Public Art and Civic Design

Welcome to the Department of City Planning’s Public Art and Civic Design Division. 

This division promotes and ensures quality design of city-owned architecture, infrastructure, and landscape in order to create and enhance place-making by the inclusion of art and arts programming to reflect the city's history, diversity, and culture. The division performs three main functions: staffing of the City's Art Commission; conservation and maintenance of the City's collection of public artwork, monuments, and memorials, and; implementation of new commissions of public art and arts programs and initiatives on City property, citywide.

Are you working on a project that is on City property?

Click here for information about the Art Commission process.  Many construction projects that occur in the Right of Way or on City property must be reviewed by the Art Commission, even if they are not works of art.  For any questions about whether or not your project must gain Art Commission approval, contact us at 412-255-8996.

To contact the Public Art and Civic Design Division, please email