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*IMPORTANT* For emergency response (9-1-1) purposes, these changes are in effect immediately.
9-1-1 personnel are currently using NEW street names and addresses.

Street sign updates are now complete--please be careful when traveling through the area.
Please see below for more details.

Project Background:

East Liberty’s revival and growth has been remarkable, and is a key driver in the overall success of the City of Pittsburgh.  As the pace of development picks up in East Liberty, we are now prepared to implement a key aspect of the neighborhood’s plan: the elimination of Penn Circle as a street name.

Several neighborhood plans call for Penn Circle to be returned to two-way operation—half of that has been completed, and the other half will be underway in the near future.  These plans also call for the restoration of some original street names—this will help to erase a visible reminder of failed urban renewal and bring much needed closure to that era.

The change is also necessary to ensure proper public safety response (due to confusing or improperly assigned addresses) and to improve customer/visitor navigation.  Another idea we will discuss is the possible extension of Centre Ave to Washington Blvd as a way of helping visitors navigate to the business district from other parts of the region.

What will the streets be called now?

Summary of Changes:

There were four options presented for discussion both online and at public meeting (which took place on May 22, 2013 and July 18, 2013).  Using the input we received, the Addressing Committee will be implementing the plan as shown below.  This plan was approved by the City of Pittsburgh Addressing Committee on July 19, 2013, and by Pittsburgh City Council on December 10, 2013.

  • Penn Circle S → Centre Ave
  • Penn Circle W → N/S Euclid Ave
  • Penn Circle N → Station St
  • Penn Circle E → Centre Ave
  • Collins St (between Station St and East Liberty Blvd) → Centre Ave
  • Collins St (north of East Liberty Blvd) remains as-is
  • Station St (between Collins/Centre and Larimer Ave) remains as-is
  • Rural St remains as-is
  • Negley Run Blvd remains as-is

Why was it done this way?

  • It's a close reflection the neighborhood plan, and is similar to the historic names in place before the 1960s
  • It creates a continuous Centre Ave, which helps visitor navigation
  • It has the most street name consolidation (prior to renaming, a trip from Washington Blvd to Shadyside/Bloomfield would take you along one route with five street names--this plan consolidates that into two)
    • Consolidating street names along a continuous route helps navigation for those unfamiliar with the area

Why doesn't Centre Ave continue all the way to Washington Blvd?  Why does it end at East Liberty Blvd?

  • It is not feasible at this time because it would create a duplicate intersection in the City based on the root names of the streets.
    • There is already an intersection of Centre Ave and Washington (Place) in the Lower Hill District (by the Consol Energy Center)--to create another intersection with the same root names would be a public safety hazard for 911 responders.
  • Negley Run Blvd and Collins St currently overlap for one block (north of East Liberty Blvd), and renaming this block could create inconsistencies in the house numbers there, as Centre Ave has a different address range.
  • This solution still creates a mostly continuous Centre Ave that will assist in visitor navigation.

I live in the affected area--what do I need to do?

For 9-1-1 purposes, the changes are effective immediately.  You must use your new address when calling in to 9-1-1.

The City will notify relevant City of Pittsburgh departments, relevant Allegheny County departments, and the appropriate Post Office of the address assigned to the property as required by Section 420.10b of the City of Pittsburgh Code.  For all other purposes, such as bills, banks, creditors, and other contacts, you, have the sole responsibility to these entities of your new address.  Change of address cards are available from your local postal carrier or from the Post Office.  You may change your billing address using the change of address form on your bills (or online) as you pay them.

If you have questions or concerns about what you need to do as a part of this project, please use the contact info at the top of this page.

What are the new addresses?

The following list shows all address that have been converted--in some cases, only the street name has changed, but in others the house number has changed as well.  Please make note of this.

Old Address New Address
5989 Penn Cir S 5989 Centre Ave
5997 Penn Cir S 5997 Centre Ave
6000 Penn Cir S 6000 Centre Ave
6004 Penn Cir S 6004 Centre Ave
6006 Penn Cir S 6006 Centre Ave
6008 Penn Cir S 6008 Centre Ave
6010 Penn Cir S 6010 Centre Ave
6012 Penn Cir S 6012 Centre Ave
6014 Penn Cir S 6014 Centre Ave
6016 Penn Cir S 6016 Centre Ave
6018 Penn Cir S 6018 Centre Ave
6020 Penn Cir S 6020 Centre Ave
6022 Penn Cir S 6022 Centre Ave
6026 Penn Cir S 6026 Centre Ave
5932 Penn Cir S 5932 Centre Ave
5940 Penn Cir S 5940 Centre Ave
5956 Penn Cir S 5956 Centre Ave
5966 Penn Cir S 5966 Centre Ave
5990 Penn Cir S 5990 Centre Ave
5993 Penn Cir S 5993 Centre Ave
5995 Penn Cir S 5995 Centre Ave
5996 Penn Cir S 5996 Centre Ave
6021 Penn Cir S 6021 Centre Ave
246 Penn Cir E 6348 Centre Ave
238 Penn Cir E 6378 Centre Ave
300 Collins Ave 6402 Centre Ave
306 Collins Ave 6408 Centre Ave
310 Collins Ave 6412 Centre Ave
322 Collins Ave 6424 Centre Ave
319 Collins Ave 6433 Centre Ave
334 Collins Ave 6436 Centre Ave
321 Collins Ave 6439 Centre Ave
338 Collins Ave 6442 Centre Ave
342 Collins Ave 6446 Centre Ave
354 Collins Ave 6458 Centre Ave
331 Negley Run Blvd 6459 Centre Ave
333 Negley Run Blvd 6461 Centre Ave
335 Negley Run Blvd 6465 Centre Ave
337 Negley Run Blvd 6467 Centre Ave
339 Collins St 6473 Centre Ave
341 Negley Run Blvd 6475 Centre Ave
345 Collins Ave 6481 Centre Ave
345 1/2 Collins Ave 6485 Centre Ave
347 Collins Ave 6487 Centre Ave
347 1/2 Collins Ave 6489 Centre Ave
349 Negley Run Blvd 6491 Centre Ave
349 1/2 Collins Ave 6495 Centre Ave
424 Collins Ave 6514 Centre Ave
446 Collins Ave 6536 Centre Ave
5801 Penn Cir N 5801 Station St
5811 Penn Cir N 5811 Station St
5815 Penn Cir N 5815 Station St
5817 Penn Cir N 5817 Station St
5817 Penn Cir N 5817 Station St
5819 Penn Cir N 5819 Station St
5819 Penn Cir N 5819 Station St
5821 Penn Cir N 5821 Station St
5821 Penn Cir N 5821 Station St
5823 Penn Cir N 5823 Station St
5823 Penn Cir N 5823 Station St
5905 Penn Cir N 5905 Station St
5913 Penn Cir N 5913 Station St
5914 Penn Cir N 5914 Station St
6117 Penn Cir N 6117 Station St
6140 Penn Cir N 6140 Station St
104 Penn Cir W 104 N Euclid Ave
120 Penn Cir W 148 N Euclid Ave
59 Penn Cir W 186 S Euclid Ave
60 Penn Cir W 189 S Euclid Ave
52 Penn Cir W 201 S Euclid Ave
50 Penn Cir W 215 S Euclid Ave
47 Penn Cir W 218 S Euclid Ave
45 Penn Cir W 222 S Euclid Ave
43 Penn Cir W 226 S Euclid Ave
41 Penn Cir W 228 S Euclid Ave
39 Penn Cir W 234 S Euclid Ave
37 Penn Cir W 238 S Euclid Ave
35 Penn Cir W 244 S Euclid Ave
33 Penn Cir W 246 S Euclid Ave
31 Penn Cir W 250 S Euclid Ave
29 Penn Cir W 254 S Euclid Ave
27 Penn Cir W 258 S Euclid Ave
25 Penn Cir W 264 S Euclid Ave
23 Penn Cir W 268 S Euclid Ave
21 Penn Cir W 270 S Euclid Ave
19 Penn Cir W 276 S Euclid Ave
15 Penn Cir W 278 S Euclid Ave
11 Penn Cir W 290 S Euclid Ave


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