How to Comply with the Ordinance

1) About the ordinance:

The Pittsburgh Building Benchmarking Ordinance requires owners of non-residential buildings over 50,000sqft to annually report their energy and water consumption to the City in a process called benchmarking.   

Building owners are required to use a secure online tool developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), called ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® to track their energy and water use and submit their data to the City of Pittsburgh. Building owners can obtain Energy and Water use from the utility companies servicing their building.   

This data informs building owners about a building's energy and water consumption compared to similar buildings, and tracks progress year over year. Owners can use this data to assist in decision making for maintenance and upgrade.  

In the spirit of Business Transparency, benchmarking and compliance data will be available publicly.   

The department of Planning’s Sustainability and Resilience Division will publish a report in the Fall of 2018 summarizing the performance of Pittsburgh's large buildings portfolio, and visually illustrate on the online platform which buildings are participating, exempted, eligible and non-participating as well as buildings who chose to voluntary participate. 

Starting in 2018, owners of non-residential buildings that are larger than 50,000 sq ft will be required to benchmark for the first time by June 1st 2018 and yearly thereafter. 

Downlaod Ordinance Language


2) Criteria for covered buildings:

Criteria for covered buildings 

All non-residential buildings 50,000 square feet or greater are required to report utility data to the City of Pittsburgh using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®  (ESPM) in accordance with Pittsburgh Code §626.02 

The table below contains all the buildings expected to comply.  


If your building meet the criteria but is not listed, you  should still comply and email us through the 3-1-1 platform. 

3) Compliance deadlines:

Monday April 2nd 2018: EXEMPTION DEADLINE Submit complete exemption application if you believe your building is erroneously listed. You will need supporting evidence to justify your exemption request. 

Friday June 1st 2018: COMPLIANCE DEADLINE Submit Complete Energy and Water Data to the city through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. 

4) Benchmarking checklist:

The Sustainability and Resilience Division created a Checklist to help you comply and keep track of your progress toward compliance.

5) Step-by-step guides to benchmarking: 

What Data do you need? This page will create a list of the data you will need to gather to enter your complete information in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. 

Getting Started with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®   

How to benchmark a campus.

6) Submit your data:

Once you uploaded your complete information in portfolio manager and verify its accuracy, you are now ready to submit to the city. 

How to submit complete info after verification.

7) Exemption Requests:

  • Exemption application process and deadlines

The exemptions are listed in the Ordinance here. 

Any request for exemption must be filed by April 2nd 2018 by returning the exemption request form and any supporting documents. If no exemption request was made the building will have to comply for this year. 

Information about the Appeal process will be made available in 2018.



The phone lines within the City of Pittsburgh's real estate division are not working due to a mechanical malfunction. Please use the email address RealEstateTaxInfo@pittsburghpa.gov if you need to contact the real estate division for any reason. If email is unavailable to you, please call 412-255-2786 and leave a voicemail. The real estate staff will return all calls as quickly as possible. Thank you.