Pennley Park South

On February 27, 2018, the Department of City Planning deemed that the Revised Preliminary Land Development Plan (RAPLDP) for the Pennley Park South Development is a complete document in accordance with item two of the Consent Order of the Court of Common Pleas regarding this development.  The accepted version of RAPLDP is posted below.   

Revised Preliminary Land Development Plan for Pennley Park South

As stated in the Order, the City will now begin the process of scheduling two public meetings to review and seek the public’s input on the RAPLDP. The first public meeting will occur prior to the RAPLDP being presented to the Planning Commission for a briefing session, and the second public meeting will occur after the briefing but before the RAPLDP is presented to the Planning Commission in a public hearing.

To view the summary report from the 3/21/2018 community meeting: Summary Report

On Tuesday, April 3rd at 1 PM, the Planning Commission briefing for the RAPLDP will occur. The briefing is an informational overview of the project, there is no public testimony and no vote will be held. Correspondence to the Planning Commission will be accepted by mail at 200 Ross Street, Suite 309, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, and by email to dolores.hanna@pittsburghpa.gov. 

Planning Commission meetings are held at 200 Ross Street, 1st Floor. Interpreters for the hearing impaired will be provided with 4 days’ notice by contacting Richard Meritzer at 412-255-2102.

This website will be updated when the Planning Commission's public hearing for this project is scheduled. 

Also, the City will soon be initiating the Enright Park planning process, and further information regarding this process will be provided as soon as possible.