Zoning and Development Review Division

The Zoning and Development Review Division of the Department of City Planning administers the City of Pittsburgh Zoning Code. The intent of zoning regulations is to allow property owners the reasonable use of their property insofar as the use is not detrimental to abutting properties or to the neighborhood. Every property in the City has a zoning classification and subsequent occupancy permit that determines how the property can be used.

The Zoning and Development Review Division is the first stop to getting a building permit in the City of Pittsburgh. The approval processes involved vary by project type and zoning district. Once zoning approval is granted, the project will be reviewed by the Department of Permits, License, and Inspections. 

*If you are planning on building something in the City of Pittsburgh, you will need to start at Zoning in the Department of City Planning.  To make the process easier, we have put together several easy to use process guides that can help to get your project moving.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities

  • Controls and Regulates Land Use within the City of Pittsburgh
  • Approves Interior/Exterior Renovations, Additions/ Expansions, and New Construction
  • Initiates Zone Changes and Text Amendments
  • Shapes Public Realm through Design Review Process

Looking for zoning maps?  They can be found in the GIS Division's Map section.

What is Pittsburgh's Zoning Code?

The City of Pittsburgh Zoning Code, first written in 1958 and updated February 1, 1999, regulates land use and activities within the City boundaries.  Through regulation of private land, the code seeks to promote neighborhood revitalization, encourage a mix of uses, and support increased density to for transit oriented development.  The City of Pittsburgh Zoning Code is maintained online by Municode.com and can be found here under Title Nine.

The Subdivison Regulations and Standards of the City Planning Commission adopted in March 2007 govern all subdivisions and consolidations in the City of Pittsburgh.

What are the fees?

2017 Zoning Fee Schedule