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What forms are necessary in Zoning Applications?

When applying for zoning approval for your project, the following applications forms are available for your use. Please read the following document for an explanation of the forms so that you can select the correct one for your project.

To learn more about the zoning and design review process, applicants are encouraged to attend a pre-application meeting with zoning staff.  

Please click here for more information about setting up a pre-application meeting.

Five Application Types:

  1. Walk-Through Zoning Application
    • Repairs, alterations, additions to, and/or extensions of either a 1-family or 2-family detached dwelling.
    • Construction of a new accessory structure.
    • Application for an Occupancy Permit only.
  2. Zoning Application
    • New construction of a 1-family or 2-family dwelling; Repairs, alterations, additions to, and/or extensions of either a 3-family or larger residential dwelling or a nonresidential structure
  3. Development Review Application
    • New Construction of a primary use structure larger than a 2-family dwelling, ; Any project or development that requires a Land Operations Permit; Any other types of work not listed under the Walk-Through and Zoning Applications.
      • Including new non-residential primary use structures
    • Please note that the Application must be filled out completely before it will be processed at the zoning counter.  
      • Use Development Review Application Worksheet below to complete ages DRA-1 through DRA-3 of the Development Review Application.
  4. Development Review Application Worksheet
  5. Sign Permit Application
    • Required prior to the erection, repair, or alteration of any sign.  
    • Click here for more information about obtaining a sign permit.
  6. Visitability Tax Credit 
    • ‚ÄčThe Visitability Tax Credit provides visitable housing to all individuals, with or without disabilities, by offering a tax credit to encourage the inclusion of the visitability features set forth in this section, which will enhance both visitability and usability for visitors and residents.
    • Those who may qualify are owners of single-family dwellings and duplexes, triplexes, townhouses and row houses and adapted reuses of industrial and commercial buildings that are renovated or converted for multi-family residential use who, during construction or renovation, include the required design features.
    • Visitability Tax Credit Fact Sheet
    • Visitability Tax Credit Checklist
    • Visitability Brochure

Click here for more information about visitability and ADA in the City of Pittsburgh.

Other Zoning Forms:


For a complete list of development review fees, please click here.

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