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How can we help you? Our office is here to answer questions that arise from our constituents regarding a multitude of issues. Please give us a call, we can help. The office phone number is 412-255-2135. Or you can e-mail our office via our District 1 Feedback link on the right side of your screen.
Get involved with your neighborhood!
Northsiders take pride in their local neighborhood. Whether you would like to help with a community clean up in Observatory Hill, volunteer at a children’s event in Troy Hill, or attend a community meeting in Brightwood, we can help direct you to the proper group and event. Please contact us at 412-255-2135.
New and Improved Troy Hill Park

Troy Hill Citizens' Inc. held a grand re-opening ceremony for the new and improved park in the heart of the Troy Hill community.  I was glad to be able to assist the community by providing funding for a new flagpole and for security cameras in the park.

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Unclaimed Money from City Controller's Office

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News from Council District 1

The Councilwoman recently discovered that individuals have been capturing wild pigeons in the city and selling them off to pigeon shoots in rural areas.  Unfortunately pigeon shoots are completely legal in Pennsylvania, and until now, it was legal to capture these wild birds for commercial purposes.  In response, Councilwoman Harris introduced an ordinance banning the capture of wild birds, which was approved unanimously on 9/15.

posted 9/17/15 @ 11:36 am

Councilwoman Harris recently passed legislation which creates clear guidelines for the film industry working in Pittsburgh.  Filming in the city has been great for local businesses, and creates jobs for our residents. Although more than 200 film productions have taken place here since 1990, we have never had an established process for permitting that often involves closing streets, and public safety officials to direct traffic.  After working extensively with the administration and the Pittsburgh Film Office, an ordinance was developed that will increase Pittsburgh's reputation as a 'film-friendly town'.

posted 4/09/15 @ 10:46 am
Councilwoman Introduces Animal Cruelty Legislation

This legislation prohibits pet owners from leaving their dogs outdoors in extreme weather conditions for long periods of time, and provides standards for dog houses, and chains used for tethering.  These ordinances put forward today's best practices for the humane treatment of dogs, and will give Animal Care and Control officers another tool to address the abuse and neglect of pets in our city.

posted 12/12/14 @ 12:00 am

When a Police K9 retires from active duty, its K9 handler typically adopts the dog and cares for it for the rest of its life.  The handler often gets a new active-duty K9 partner that he/she must care for as well.  This fall, Councilwoman Harris sponsored legislation that will provide the handlers with a small stipend, and free basic veterinary care, for the retired dogs.  This will have minimal impact on the City’s budget however the impact on our K9 handlers and their dogs will be significant.  Click the link above to see the legislation, which was unanimously approved. 

posted 11/26/14 @ 12:00 am

The City has received over $380,000 in ‘bad checks’ over the past 6 years and was charged thousands of dollars in bank fees for depositing these checks.  In an effort to save tax-payer dollars, and improve the City’s accounting, Councilwoman Harris sponsored legislation to allow the City Treasurer to pass these fees on to the writers of the bad checks, and to create new policies for processing them.

posted 7/31/14 @ 10:47 am

Under the leadership and direction of Council President Harris the city passed an historic Spay and Neuter Program. Please follow the link below for specific information and instructions regarding this program  Please call Animal Care & Control for more information 412.255.2036.


posted 4/18/12 @ 10:49 am


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