City of Pittsburgh Council District 3
District 3 Legislation

District 3 Recent Legislation

Please Note: All of the following links lead to resources in the Legislative Information Center go. A Summary Page contains all sorts of information about a specific piece of legislation, while Ordinance Details are the legislative documents themselves.

The moratorium on new billboards around the City

Municipal fines for graffiti, with the proceeds invested solely in the removal of new graffiti
Creating the uniform Domestic Partner Registry

A Flyer Bill for vehicles, banning the posting on automobiles of flyers that almost immediately turn into litter

The improvement of waste management by enacting legislation that required landlords to inform tenants of Citywide rules for refuse storage, disposal, and recycling

Adding the Lost and Stolen Firearm Chapter which requires the reporting of a lost or stolen firearm within 24 hours of discovering it is missing

Increasing the fines for open alcohol containers

Reducing fire and health hazards by regulating the use of indoor furniture outside

Regulating and streamlining of the process of installing, designing, and maintaining sidewalk cafes to improve City business

Improving residential neighborhoods and business districts by enacting an ordinance that attaches a penalty for public urination

Equal Benefits for Employees of City Contractors

Social Host Liability
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Pedicab Regulations
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