City of Pittsburgh Council District 4
Councilwoman Rudiak's Statement on Challenging UPMC's Tax Exemption
A Step Forward for our City
In anticipation of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's announcement that he will challenge the tax-exempt status of health care giant UPMC, Pittsburgh City Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak releases the following statement: 
"Just yesterday, I co-sponsored a resolution, unanimously adopted by our City Council, that called on the legislature to leave local governments the ability to scrutinize the behavior of nonprofit organizations, and to challenge their tax exemptions in court if they do not meet the standards we have a right to expect of charitable organizations.
"The City of PIttsburgh is now taking an appropriate and long-awaited step forward in demonstrating that there will be consequences for mega-charities whose leaders do not meet the standards of a purely public charity. For years the people of the region have watched with growing concern as UPMC has behaved in an increasingly inappropriate fashion: closing services in neighborhoods in need, while building duplicative facilities in more affluent areas, all to crush the competition; threatening to, and cutting off services for people who don't carry the right insurance card; even trying to intimidate UPMC employees who have been speaking out for improved conditions.
"In the face of behavior like this, the people of Pittsburgh need more than lip service. We need action. Genuinely charitable organizations have nothing to fear from the City's appropriate exercise of its powers under the state constitution. We all know UPMC's track record. It's long past time for UPMC's administration to understand that they can no longer act this way and expect to get away with it."



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