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Councilman O'Connor's Statement on the Schenley Oval

Regarding the use of the Schenley Oval by Dynamo Soccer:

The field at the Schenley Oval is used by several groups in the City for multiple sports events and functions throughout the year. Due to its frequent use, the field was in need of rehabiliation. One of the groups that frequently makes use of the field, Dynamo Soccer, offered to help with the costs of the field's restoration.

Dynamo Soccer entered into a contract with the City of Pittsburgh to rehabilitate and re-seed the grass at the Schenley Oval. But, this much-needed restoration work will mean that some athletics teams and other groups will temporarily have to use alternative areas during the work on the Schenley Oval. While the grass is growing and the work is being done, a fence had to be put up to keep deer and people out from disturbing the work.

Coaches of athletic teams and other event planners have been notified by the City of the need for alternative areas for events, games and matches.

Despite rumors to the contrary, no private group is "purchasing" any part of Schenley Park. As part of City's parks system, it is — and will continue to be — a City-owned asset meant for residents to enjoy. Once the grass at the Schenley Oval is healed and grown, it will be back open to the public. The closure is temporarily.

Should you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact my office by phone at 412-255-8965 or online via feedback form.

Thank you,

Corey O'Connor
Pittsburgh City Councilman

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