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Greenfield Bridge Construction

General Information

Construction on the Greenfield Bridge is ongoing. Demolition occurred in December 2015, and construction of the new Greenfield Bridge will begin in January 2016 and conclude in May 2017.

Although the closing of the Greenfield Bridge will make many residents' commutes and day-to-day travel more difficult, this construction project is much needed: The Greenfield Bridge is structurally deficient and the best way to ensure safe, long-lasting use is to demolish the current bridge and construct a new, more modern bridge.

Traffic Routes

With the bridge's closing, alternative traffic routes will need to be utilized. A series of maps detailing alternate traffic routes organized by date can be found at the construction project's website by clicking on the "Detours & Schedule" tab.

As our office and the City work to determine the most effective detours, it's important that we hear from residents who will be most direclty affected. If you have any input regarding detours, or wish to share any other thoughts regarding the construction on the Greenfield Bridge, please fill out a feedback form and submit it to our office.

Public Transit

Multiple bus routes have been adjusted to accomodate detours made necessary by the closure of the Greenfield Bridge. The following Port Authority buses are currently running with adjusted routes. To view a map of the adjusted routes, just click on the bus route name.


A map of the overall blast zone is available here. A map indicating which buildings may be affected can be found here. A spreadsheet with more precise address information is available here.

More Information

This page will be updated continuously with more information on the project as it becomes available. In the meantime, please review the following document(s) to familiarize yourself with the project:

Also, feel free to visit the Greenfield Bridge construction project's official website, available here.

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