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Council proposal would target city-owned vacant homes

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette May 10, 2017


City Council wants to provide free tampons and pads at Pittsburgh parks, pools and rec centers

The Incline March 29, 2017


City youth may apply to be part of Youth Participatory Budget Council

South Pittsburgh Reporter February 28, 2017


City teen program offering a lesson in civics

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette January 23, 2017


2017 City Council Preview: Equitable Development in the Midst of Urban Reinvention

90.5 WESA December 29, 2016


New Program to Reward Hiring of Pittsburgh Promise Grads

90.5 WESA December 14, 2016


Grant program would reward hiring of Pittsburgh Promise alumni

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette December 13, 2016


City encourages 'Pittsburgh Promise' scholarship recipients to stay in area

WPXI Pittsburgh December 12, 2016


Pittsburgh Promise to extend to employment

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review December 12, 2016


Pittsburgh Promise graduates: This grant could help you land a job at home

The Incline December 12, 2016


Pittsburgh City Council passes medical mairjuana zoning legislation

WPXI Pittsburgh November 29, 2016


Pittsburgh to set zoning regulations for medical marijuana distributors

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review November 29, 2016


Pittsburgh City Council supports effort to encourage HIV testing during visits

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review November 29, 2016


City Council to consider resolution to push routine HIV tests

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette November 25, 2016


Pittsburgh City Council to decide zoning rules for medical marijuana industries

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette November 14, 2016


Foundation grant sends new rangers to 10 Pittsburgh parks

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 13, 2016


Pittsburgh Could Employ 16 Student Park Rangers This Summer

90.5 WESA June 7, 2016


Schools should be the heart of the neighborhood (letter to the Editor)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette May 26, 2016


Pittsburgh to expand park ranger program

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review May 24, 2016


Pittsburgh planning to turn vacant properties into businesses

WPXI Pittsburgh May 16, 2016


Pittsburgh councilman eyes putting business into blighted properties

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review May 11, 2016


Councilman proposes 'opportunity spaces' for business

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette May 9, 2016


Pittsburgh City Council votes to allow rangers to issue citations

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette February 24, 2016


City Council Approves Measure to Allow Park Rangers to Hand Out Citations

CBS Pittsburgh February 24, 2016


Pittsburgh park rangers to get power to issue no-smoking citations in City parks

WTAE Pittsburgh February 22, 2016


City recognizes business paying a living wage

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette February 19, 2016


Wigle Whiskey first Pittsburgh small business to receive promotion for raising minimum wage

Pittsburgh City Paper February 19, 2016


Bus shelter ads promote good pay in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review February 19, 2016


Wigle Whiskey Recognized for Raising Employees' Wages

CBS Pittsburgh February 19, 2016


Pittsburgh City Council considers giving park rangers OK to issue citations

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review February 9, 2016


Tell it to city hall: Pittsburgh could benefit with advice from startups (editorial)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette January 30, 2016


Pittsburgh City Council approves measure giving cyclists more room to ride

Pittsburgh City Paper January 28, 2016


Pittsburgh City Council Moves Unanimously to Clarify Legality of Cycling in City Parks

Trail Pittsburgh January 28, 2016


Pittsburgh City Council moves to allow bicyclists on wooded paths in parks

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review January 27, 2016


Pittsburgh City Council Preliminarily Votes to Legalize Bike Riding on Wodded Trails in City-owned Parks

Bike Pittsburgh January 27, 2016


Councilman seeks to create advisory panel on startups

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette January 26, 2016


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