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Check out some of the projects and initiatives that Councilman O’Connor has been involved in throughout his term on City Council.


2014 Media Mentions

January 28, 2014, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,  Proposed Pittsburgh land bank aims to end blight, speed redevelopment

February 5, 2014, Pittsburgh City Paper, Property Control: Neighborhood groups wary of land-bank bill

February 4, 2014, Outside My Window Blog, Schenley's oak wilt trees are coming down

March 3, 2014, 90.5 WESA, UPMC Workers Ramp Up Union Organizing Campaign with Day of Action

March 19, 2014, Pittsburgh Council members launch website to promote land bank idea

March 22, 2014, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Say yes to a land bank

March 28, 2014, 90.5 WESA, City Councilors O'Connor and Gross Lay Out Pittsburgh's New Land Bank Plan

April 9, 2014, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh city council endorses amended land bank measure

April 9, 2014, Pittsburgh City Paper, In preliminary vote, city council approves land bank bill

April 9, 2014, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Council gives preliminary OK to creation of Pittsburgh land bank

April 9, 2014, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh City Council endorses amended land bank measure

April 10, 2014, The Jewish Chronicle, Re-envisioned Frick Aims for Crowds 

April 14, 2014, The Pitt News, Editorial: Land bank initiative can revitalize cityscape

April 14, 2014, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,  Pittsburgh Council passes land bank idea

April 14, 2014, 90.5 WESA, Land Bank Legislation Passes in City Council


2013 Media Mentions

January 10, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Hazelwood LTV Site Raises Crucial Questions

January 15, 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Council asks parking authority to consider pre-paid cards

January 15, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, City Council suggests electronic cards for new parking meters

January 17, 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Greenfield Bridge being built anew

January 22, 2013, The New York Times, Pittsburgh's Three Rivers, Now a Public Attraction

February 21, 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Smoke-free parks:  The city should take a bold step for children’s sake

March 13, 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Our Great City

March 19, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh City Council passes playground smoking ban

March 24, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 'Bob Awards' honor Clean Pittsburgh efforts

April 24, 2013, The Jewish Chronicle, O'Connor's Corner

May 17, 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh releases 2013 street-paving plan

May 28, 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Planners approve zoning for massive Hazelwood project at LTV site

June 2, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Charities, leaders join to bring grocery to Hazelwood residents

June 17, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh council will revisit nighttime parking fees

June 17, 2013 WTAE-TV, Councilman steps in to stop extended parking meter hours

June 17, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh councilman calls for scrapping extended hours for meter enforcement

June 25, 2013, KDKA News, City Council gives preliminary approval on parking enforcement bill

July 18, 2013, The Jewish Chronicle, Park, gateway, storm water top SHUC’s to-do list

August 22, 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Hazelwood redevelopment project underway

August  27, 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Cookie Cruise raises funds for the Bob O'Connor Foundation

September 11, 2013, KDKA News, Some city residents being fined for parking in their own driveway

September 18, 2013, 90.5 WESA, Councilman: Pedestrian Flags Could Make Busy Intersections Safer

October 9, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Developers plan $30 million makeover along Second Avenue in Hazelwood

October 17, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, City council tentatively OKs TIF plan for Hazelwood project

October 22, 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Coonelly: Pirates would welcome Burnettt back

October 22, 2013, WTAE Channel 4, City Council declares 'Pittsburgh Pirates Day'

October 25, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Swings for disabled fulfill troop's desire to help

November 5, 2013, Point Park News Service, Councilman O'Connor builds on father's mayoral career

December 8, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Brownfield development revives hope for Hazelwood


2012 Media Mentions

January 2, 2012, 90.5 WESA, O’Connor Ready to Tackle City Issues; Says Optimism is Key

January 3, 2012, WTAE-TV, Corey O'Connor Sworn In, Announces Engagement, Remembers Late Father

January 3, 2012, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, O'Connor casts deciding prez vote

January 15, 2012, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Kiddies adults take to ice for 25th annual Mascot Skate

January 31, 2012, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh councilmen offer help with appeals

January 31, 2012, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh officials want to help residents contest property assessments

March 29, 2012, Pittsburgh City Paper, O'Connor seeking to launch HIV/AIDS initiative

March 31, 2012, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Council considers commission to raise HIV/AIDS awareness

April 16, 2012, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, O'Connor enlists backers to improve neighborhoods

May 1, 2012, YouTube, Coffee with Corey O’Connor

May 16, 2012, City Council representative Corey O'Connor to speak at naturalization ceremony as 35 new citizens take Oath of Allegiance

July 10, 2012, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Needs of city parks add up to mean serious business

July 21, 2012, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Greenfield uses pervious concrete, garden to capture and purify water

August 28, 2012, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Cookie Cruise raises funds for the American Liver Foundation

September 2, 2013 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, O'Connor bides his time on Pittsburgh City Council

September 24, 2012, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Schenley Park golf course needs more business, Councilman says

September 25, 2012, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Drive to the tee: Councilman is right to focus on Schenley Course

October 14, 2012, City of Pittsburgh Website, Mayor, Councilman O'Connor Unveil Redesigned Entrance Corridor to Greenfield Community

October 17, 2012, Imagine Pittsburgh, "Best of the World" Welcomes One Young World

October 30, 2012, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh may expand emergency alerts

November 14, 2012, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh gives tentative OK to expanding emergency alert system

December 3, 2012, 90.5 WESA, Pittsburgh may hire contractor to launch, manage emergency system



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