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2015 Media Mentions

Rust to revival: The Almono project is the city's door to the future

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette November 4, 2015


RIDC begins construction on $27 million street through Almono

Pittsburgh Business TimesOctober 30, 2015


Long-awaited Hazelwood redevelopment breaks ground on old LTV site

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 30, 2015


Developers have major interest in former LTV Hazelwood site

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | October 30, 2015


Groundbreaking held for new development at old Hazelwood mill site

WTAE PittsburghOctober 30, 2015


McCarthy's golden gift to St. Rosalia Acadamy

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | October 20, 2015


Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy Inducts His Greenfield Elementary School Into Super Bowl Honor Roll

CBS Pittsburgh | October 20, 2015


It's "Mike McCarthy Day" in Pittsburgh

ESPNOctober 20, 2015


McCarthy returns to honor his roots

Packers.comOctober 20, 2015


Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh opens new space to much acclaim 

NEXTpittsburgh October 20, 2015


Holocaust Center opens in Greenfield

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteOctober 19, 2015


Holocaust Center's grand opening celebrates permanent home in Greenfield

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review October 18, 2015


Closing of Greenfield Bridge represents bygone era of architecture

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteOctober 19, 2015


Bridgefest Party Marks Final Goodbye to Greenfield Bridge

CBS PittsburghOctober 17, 2015


Greenfield bids final farewell to bridge

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewOctober 17, 2015


Hundreds attend party to say goodbye to Greenfield Bridge

WPXI PittsburghOctober 17, 2015


Why is Greenfield throwing a party to celebrate bridge closure?

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteOctober 17, 2015


Greenfield Bridge Closing: 5 Things You Need to Know

Pittsburgh MagazineOctober 15, 2015


"Brigefest" Bittersweet Goodbye

The Pitt NewsOctober 14, 2015


City to Begin Greenfield Bridge Demolition

The Pitt NewsOctober 14, 2015


Greenfield Bridgefest Helps a Neighborhood Say Goodbye

90.5 WESAOctober 14, 2015


Pittsburgh prepares for Greenfield Bridge closing, including a party

NEXTpittsburgh | October 13, 2015


Pittsburgh braces itself for closing of Greenfield Bridge

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteOctober13, 2015


Countdown is on: Pittsburgh paid sick leave law takes effect in 90 days

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette October 13, 2015


90-Day Countdown for Pittsburgh's Paid Sick Days Begins

90.5 WESAOctober 12, 2015


Advocacy groups mark the 90-day countdown for paid sick days in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh City PaperOctober 12, 2015


Advocates begin countdown to start of Pittsburgh's sick leave law

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | October 12, 2015


Greenfield Bridge, symbol of infrastructure decay, to be built anew

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewOctober 10, 2015


$5 million state loan helps fund redevelopment in Hazelwood

Pittsburgh Business TimesOctober 8, 2015


'Living' Frick Park welcome center more than half completed

Pittsburgh City PaperOctober 7, 2015


New Frick Environmental Center will make quite a splash

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewOctober 2, 2015


Carbon neutrality sought for former coke site in Hazelwood

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteSeptember 25, 2015


Local Change, National Opportunity: Be a Force for Change in Your Parks

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Blog | September 24, 2015


Thrival Innovation + Music Festival sets up shop around town

NEXTpittsburghSeptember 21, 2015


Road through 178-acre Almono site ready to start construction

Pittsburgh Business TimesSeptember 17, 2015


Pittsburgh's Thrival Festival is aiming to open doors to music acts, ideas

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewSeptember 16, 2015


Homefront Pittsburgh to Offer Help to Veterans Making Transition to Civilian Life

CBS Pittsburgh | September 14, 2015


Before they blow up the Greenfield Bridge, celebrate its 93-year run at Bridgefest

NEXTpittsburghSeptember 8, 2015


Pittsburgh seeking money for transit link between Oakland, Hazelwood development site

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteAugust 29, 2015


Eat, shop under neon lights at Squirrel Hill Night Market

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteAugust 26, 2015


Festival fun headed to Murray Avenue

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewAugust 15, 2015


Workers Score Paid Sick Leave Victory in Pittsburgh

Next CityAugust 14, 2015


Night Out events help communities, law enforcement foster strong relationships

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 5, 2015


City Council approves O'Connor's sick leave bill

New Pittsburgh Courier August 5, 2015


Thrival concert event moves from Bakery Square to LTV site in Hazelwood

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewAugust 4, 2015


Why Pittsburgh needs paid sick leave

Just Harvest BlogAugust 3, 2015


Pittsburgh City Council Approves Paid Sick Days Act

90.5 WESAAugust 3, 2015


Pittsburgh City Council passes mandatory paid sick days law

Pittsburgh City Paper |  August 3, 2015


Council requires Pittsburgh employers to offer paid sick leave

Pittsburgh Business TimesAugust 3, 2015


Pittsburgh City Council passes paid sick-leave requirement

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 3, 2015


Pittsburgh Should Make Paid Sick Days a Labor Standard

Center for Economic and Policy Research August 3, 2015


Raise standards in the workplace: Pittsburgh City Council should vote to require paid sick days

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteAugust 3, 2015


Mifflin Road project is on schedule, within budget

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewAugust 1, 2015


Pittsburgh's paid sick leave bill headed to council for vote Monday

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteJuly 31, 2015


Good for Business, Bad for Business: Pittsburghers Weign in on Paid Sick Days Act

90.5 WESA July 30, 2015


Cities often have paved the way on social and economic justice (letter to the Editor)

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteJuly 27, 2015


Pittsburgh City Council Holds Paid Sick Days Act

90.5 WESAJuly 22, 2015


Medicare turns 50, and we have much to celebrate (letter to the Editor)

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteJuly 19, 2015


A spot for buskers blooms in Squirrel Hill

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteJuly 19, 2015


A paid sick leave-leave law makes sense for everyone's sake (letter to the Editor)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette July 16, 2015


Squirrel Hill plans space for buskers

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette July 16, 2015


Street Stage debuts in Squirrel Hill

Pittsburgh Business TimesJuly 16, 2015


Councilman O'Connor's sick-leave bill promotes public health and safety (letter to the Editor)

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteJuly 15, 2015


Pittsburgh City Council proposal would force city businesses to provide paid sick days

Pittsburgh City PaperJuly 15, 2015


Paid sick days are good for workers, employers and customers (letter to the Editor)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | July 15, 2015


The paid sick days legislation sends a message to employers (letter to the Editor)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  | July 15, 2015


All workers in Pennsylvania shoud have paid sick leave (letter to the Editor)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | July 12, 2015


Greenfield throwing bash for dommed bridge

WTAE Pittsburgh July 10, 2015


City Council gets paid sick leave legislation

New Pittsburgh Courier July 9, 2015


Block Party Planned to Send off Greenfield Bridge Before Demolition

90.5 WESAJuly 9, 2015


Rock show, party mark closure of Greenfield Bridge over Parkway East

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review July 9, 2015


Pittsburgh City Council introduces paid sick time legislation

Pittsburgh City PaperJuly 7, 2015


Paid Sick Leave Bill to be Introduced in Pittsburgh Today

Women's Law ProjectJuly 7, 2015


Pittsburgh City Council Introduces Paid Sick Leave Bill

90.5 WESA July 7, 2015


O'Connor proposes paid sick leave for all workers in the City

CBS PittsburghJuly 6, 2015


Pittsburgh council to introduce paid sick-leave legislation

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteJuly 6, 2015


Groups targeting Hazelwood litter

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette July 2, 2015


Pittsburgh utilities unite with city to fight utility imposters

South Pittsburgh Reporter June 30, 2015


Pittsburgh City Council, utility companies fighting imposter scams

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteJune 23, 2015


Developers, Pittsburgh leaders set sights on more energy-efficient homes

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewJune 22, 2015


Ambitious Hazelwood development project about to begin

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewJune 13, 2015


City Offers Free Lunches During the Summer-Time

CBS Pittsburgh June 12, 2015


Rangers begin work in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Parks

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 12, 2015


PPG grant helps Hazelwood school with renovations, engineering programs

Pop City Media | June 10, 2015


PPG launches project to enhance, educate communites worldwide

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteMay 30, 2015


PPG Employees Paint School As Part of Community Outreach Program

90.5 WESA May 29, 2015


New Hazelwood Spray Park Offers Relief From Summer Heat

CBS PittsburghMay 23, 2015


Council's Green Plan to Address Sewage Overflows in Area Rivers

90.5 WESA May 15, 2015


Essential Pittsburgh: Infrastructure Legislation Plans to Establish City's First 'Green Zones'

90.5 WESA May 15, 2015


A woman's midelife change takes seed in Hazelwood

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteMay 12, 2015


Hazelwood: Almono gives neighborhood a shot at recovery

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 12, 2015


Elyse Eichner and Councilman O'Connor Discuss Uncover Squirrel Hill

Comast NewsmakersApril 22, 2015


Pittsburgh, Heinz Endowments to partner in eco-friendly development

Pittsburgh Tribune-Reivew | March 30, 2015


An Oasis in Hazelwood's Food Desert: Dylamato's Market to Expand

90.5 WESA | March 23, 2015


Rivertown Rebirth

Heinz Endowments Magazine | March 2015


Local Dispatch: Ditryt Hazelwood mill produced splendid memories

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 20, 2015


Endowment for Hillel Academy will underwrite art, music teachers

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 16, 2015


Bald eagle parents in Hays lose one of their two eggs

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 14, 2015


Bill to encourage minimum wage increases for workers in Pittsburgh advances

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 11, 2015


Some local fish fries are donating their used cooking oil to alternative-energy companies

Pittsburgh City Paper | March 11, 2015


Squirrel Hill gateway on the verge of housing action

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 9, 2015


Legislation Incentives Small Businesses to Raise Wages

90.5 WESA | March 4, 2015


Revisions to Almono plan could double number of residential units

Pittsburgh Business Times | March 3, 2015


Pittsburgh Councilman offers incentives for local businesses to increase wages

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 2, 2015


Land use experts optimistic about preposed redevelopment of LTV site in Hazelwood

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 26, 2015


LTV coke works redevelopment intended to boost neighboring Hazelwood

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | February 24, 2015


National Experts to Provide Free Consultation on Almono Redevelopment Plan

90.5 WESA | February 24, 2015


Lieutenant governor advocates for shale gas tax at Squirrel Hill school

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | February 19, 2015


Pittsburgh prepares for demolition of Greenfield Bridge

Pittsburgh City Paper | February 18, 2015


Pittsburgh public art advocates urge funding ordinance update

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 13, 2015



2014 Media Mentions

Proposed Pittsburgh land bank aims to end blight, speed redevelopment

 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | January 28, 2014 


Property Control: Neighborhood groups wary of land-bank bill

Pittsburgh City Paper | February 5, 2014 


Schenley's oak wilt trees are coming down

Outside My Window Blog | February 4, 2014 


UPMC Workers Ramp Up Union Organizing Campaign with Day of Action

90.5 WESA March 3, 2014


URA pilot helps lower income folks buy homes in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette March 16, 2014


Pittsburgh Council members launch website to promote land bank idea

Trib Live News | March 19, 2014 

Council members Deb Gross of Highland Park and Corey O'Connor of Squirrel Hill rolled out a website on Wednesday meant to educate people about the land bank, including a frequently asked questions section, a rundown of potential benefits and a summary of proposed amendments.

“We are making this more of a community-driven process,” said O'Connor, whose staff helped build the site.


Say yes to a land bank

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 22, 2014


City Councilors O'Connor and Gross Lay Out Pittsburgh's New Land Bank Plan

90.5 WESA | March 28, 2014 


Pittsburgh city council endorses amended land bank measure

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 9, 2014 


In preliminary vote, city council approves land bank bill

Pittsburgh City Paper | April 9, 2014 


Council gives preliminary OK to creation of Pittsburgh land bank

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review  | April 9, 2014

Councilman Corey O'Connor noted that the land bank would be required to clean and maintain properties.


Pittsburgh City Council endorses amended land bank measure

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 9, 2014 

Mr. O’Connor also introduced an amendment that responded to concerns frequently voiced by community members who were frightened they could be kicked out of their homes or that land could be taken from their community without their consultation. His amendment creates greater opportunities for community participation, including a provision that will allow residents near a property to object to a sale. It better defines “the community participation and how the community members can fight for properties in their neighborhoods,” he said.


Re-envisioned Frick Aims for Crowds 

 The Jewish Chronicle | April 10, 2014

“I think that it’s great that you’re putting an asset back into our parks, especially one that’s going to draw national attention,” he said. “And by putting so much funding into it, it’s going to be able to bring more and more kids to the park, which is great.”


Editorial: Land bank initiative can revitalize cityscape

The Pitt News | April 14, 2014 


Pittsburgh Council passes land bank idea

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 14, 2014 


Land Bank Legislation Passes in City Council

90.5 WESA | April 14, 2014 


New owners of abandoned recycling plant have plan to deal with rats

 CBS Pittsburgh | May 15, 2014 

Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O’Connor said that’s he’s optimistic about the new holding firm, and it’s plan of action.

“We’re optimistic,” he said. “They have four people on site, and I think they’ve already started the process of getting the side up to code, and up to standard.”


Meeting set on plans for former Poli restaurant

 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette May 16, 2014 


From concrete to constructive play at Minadeo

Next Pittsburgh May 27, 2014


Study says new federal rules could mean cleaner air with fewer coal plants

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review May 28, 2014

“Why would we not go for the best protection available?” Pittsburgh Councilman Corey O'Connor asked during a gathering of advocates at Washington's Landing before a hearing on the proposed state standards for emissions of ozone-creating substances.

New farmers' market opens in Squirrel Hill

June 1, 2014 WTAE


Councilman O'Connor talks land banking at Hilltop block meeting

June 3, 2014 South Pittsburgh Reporter

“There was a lot of controversy about it when it came out,” Mr. O’Connor began. “I was instrumental with writing the community benefits side of it.”

He explained a state ordinance allows the city to form a separate authority to purchase properties, rehab and resell them. The mayor’s administration considered it a key bill they wanted passed.

The councilman, in his opinion, said the first city council land bank bill didn’t have a lot of oversight or community input. After several community meetings and discussion among councilmembers, the bill passed 8-1.


Peduto to help Sustainable Home Improvement Program fix the homes of 28 vets

Pittsburgh Business Times June 11, 2014

Mayor William Peduto and councilmanCorey O’Connor launched a new initiative today with The Home Depot Foundation to invest $200,000 to repair the homes of 28 veterans in Pittsburgh through servePGH's Sustainable Home Improvement Partnership.


Variable Meter Parking Rates Coming to Council

CBS Pittsburgh June 18, 2014

"As part of their Act 47 financial recovery plan, City Council has approved a proposal from Councilman Corey O’Connor that could ultimately affect everyone who uses one of the city’s new meters for parking — varying the hourly rate in the same spot to attract more cars to park."


'Performance parking' can lower average parking rates while raising more money for Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 28, 2014


Council Is All Wet

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette August 20,2014

City Councilman Dan Gilman said after he and his colleague Councilman Corey O'Connor helped each other participate in the "Ice Bucket Challenge," a viral online phenomenon to raise money and awareness for  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also called Lou Gehrig's Disease. 


Green Infrastructure Gaining Ground in Schenley Park

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette August 22,2014

Schenley Park’s new green infrastructure also will help residents of what City Councilman Corey O’Connor called “the Run” — the neighbors of Panther Hollow.

“The Run floods every time there’s a heavy rain” he said. “Those residents haven’t seen the benefits of green infrastructure, but they will now.”


Cookie cruise raises funds for local charities

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette August 25, 2014

A highlight of the event is the “cookie table,” a Pittsburgh tradition found at weddings, graduations and many other celebrations in the city. Councilman Corey O’Connor, son of the late mayor, said: “My dad wanted people to get together and enjoy the city he loved, and for everybody to have a fun night, celebrate one another and, of course, eat some cookies.”


‘Off the Record XIV’ solves ‘Mysteries of Pittsburgh!’

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 5, 2014

Councilman O'Connor plays himself in the satirical comedy that pokes fun at Pittsburgh's local government, press, and sports teams all while raising awareness and funds for the Grreater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. 


High school students learn about careers in business, politics

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette October 31, 2014

The second season of U Can B kicked off Thursday at Keystone Oaks, but this time it included students from Propel Braddock Hills, Pittsburgh Allderdice, Oakland Catholic and Winchester Thurston high schoools.  The group of about 50 students heard about careers as elected officials from Pittsburgh City Council members Corey O'Connor and Dan Gilman. 


Pittsburgh City Council considers possible 'dynamic' parking pricing

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | November 7, 2014

Councilman O'Connor held a post agenda meeting yesterday on expanding a dynamic pricing parking project, piloted by Carnegie Mellon University, to the rest of the city

Uniformly priced parking by location or street and has resulted in highly competitive spaces in the City’s popular areas while spaces in low density areas remain underutilized. The new model could address both of these issues by responding to parking demands based on location. The researchers have shown that using a dynamic pricing model increases effective use of parking spaces while bringing more revenue to the City.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society honors O'Connor Foundation

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review November 9, 2014

The enthusiasm that Pittsburgh's late Mayor Bob O'Connor showed for his beloved city was returned tenfold by a crowd that came out en masse Nov. 6 to honor his namesake foundation during Vegan on the Mon, the annual gaming fundraiser hosted by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  


Pittsburgh council to study expanding employment for people with disabilities

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette November 17, 2014

Councilman O'Connor will be introducing a Will of Council bringing awareness to how the City can more inclusive and welcoming as an employer for individuals with disabilities.

“This would be pushing ourselves to say, ‘We need to do better'."


2013 Media Mentions

Hazelwood LTV Site Raises Crucial Questions

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review January 10, 2013

Almono LP, a collaboration among the Regional Industrial Development Corp. and four foundations, teamed with Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl to announce plans on Tuesday to pursue a $100 million tax-increment financing (TIF) package. The city's Urban Redevelopment Authority expects to begin scrutinizing those plans at a public meeting on Thursday. The financing would require taxpayers to forgo 65 percent of new property tax revenue from the project for 20 years, and allow that money to repay bonds the public would sell to pay for roads and utilities.

Pittsburgh Council asks parking authority to consider pre-paid cards

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette January 15, 2013


City Council suggests electronic cards for new parking meters

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review |January 15, 2013

The Pittsburgh Parking Authority will consider a request from City Council to offer electronic cards for use at nearly 600 multi-space meters, the authority's executive director said on Tuesday.

Councilman Corey O'Connor, who suggested the idea, said the authority could bill customers monthly or allow them to put value on the cards in advance, either online or at its offices.


Greenfield Bridge being built anew

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette January 17, 2013


Pittsburgh's Three Rivers, Now a Public Attraction

The New York Times January 22, 2013

The city has managed to leverage a $124 million investment in publicly accessible riverfront into $4 billion in corporate, public, nonprofit and entertainment development downtown.

That success has renewed a debate that would have been unthinkable in Pittsburgh’s polluted industrial heyday: how best to expand public access to the shorelines of the three rivers. Projects proposed for two of the largest tracts left to be developed on the downtown fringe illustrate the opportunities and limits of public-private partnerships.


Smoke-free parks:  The city should take a bold step for children’s sake

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette February 21, 2013


Our Great City

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette March 13, 2013


Pittsburgh City Council passes playground smoking ban

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette March 19, 2013


'Bob Awards' honor Clean Pittsburgh efforts

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review March 24, 2013


O'Connor's Corner

The Jewish Chronicle April 24, 2013

Pittsburgh Councilman Corey O’Connor,  son of the late Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O’Connor, unveils the new O’Connor’s Corner clock at a ceremony Wednesday, April 24, at the intersection of Phillips and Murray avenues. O’Connor’s Corner is one part of the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition’s goal to enhance Squirrel Hill’s sidewalks to improve the neighborhood experience.

Pittsburgh releases 2013 street-paving plan

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette May 17, 2013 


Planners approve zoning for massive Hazelwood project at LTV site

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette May 28, 2013


Charities, leaders join to bring grocery to Hazelwood residents

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review June 2, 2013

Three charities — Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Action-Housing Inc. and The Heinz Endowments — have joined forces with community leaders and City Councilman Corey O'Connor in an effort to open a nonprofit grocery store, or co-op, at the site of Dimperio's market, which closed in 2009.


Pittsburgh council will revisit nighttime parking fees

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 17, 2013


Councilman steps in to stop extended parking meter hours

WTAE-TV June 17, 2013


Pittsburgh councilman calls for scrapping extended hours for meter enforcement

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review June 17, 2013

Keeping free parking on evenings at meters in most city neighborhoods won't substantially hurt the city's finances, Pittsburgh Councilman Corey O'Connor said Monday.

“We can afford to make the decision to go to 6 p.m.,” said O'Connor, who introduced an ordinance to keep enforcement until that hour rather than extending it to 10 p.m.

City Council gives preliminary approval on parking enforcement bill

KDKA News June 25, 2013


Katie Stohlberg and Corey O'Connor

Pittsburgh Magazine June 29, 2013


Park, gateway, storm water top SHUC’s to-do list

The Jewish Chronicle July 18, 2013


Hazelwood redevelopment project underway

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette August 22, 2013


Cookie Cruise raises funds for the Bob O'Connor Foundation

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 27, 2013


Some city residents being fined for parking in their own driveway

KDKA News | September 11, 2013

But Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O’Connor says it’s happened on two city streets – one in the West End and one in Squirrel Hill. And he fears, it could happen elsewhere.

“This could happen tomorrow to any resident of the city of Pittsburgh,” said O’Connor.


Councilman: Pedestrian Flags Could Make Busy Intersections Safer

90.5 WESA | September 18, 2013

“A pedestrian could grab a flag, put it out in front of them as they’re walking, and it’s just another way to alert drivers that you’re attempting to cross the street,” he said.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, O’Connor introduced legislation that would create a pilot program to test the effectiveness of pedestrian flags. If passed, the project’s cost would not exceed $10,000, though O’Connor believes the actual cost will be much lower.


Developers plan $30 million makeover along Second Avenue in Hazelwood

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 9, 2013

City Councilman Corey O'Connor, who represents Hazelwood, said he likes the proposal that was selected by the URA. While either one would have worked, "this one, I think, really captured the neighborhood feel," he said.


City council tentatively OKs TIF plan for Hazelwood project

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | October 17, 2013 

Councilman Corey O'Connor, D-Squirrel Hill, said it will be the largest tax-increment financing plan, or TIF, in the city's history if council gives final approval on Tuesday.


Coonelly: Pirates would welcome Burnettt back

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 22, 2013


City Council declares 'Pittsburgh Pirates Day'

WTAE Channel 4 | October 22, 2013

"Right after the team lost in the playoffs, we were getting calls, emails -- I got Facebook messages, Twitter messages -- 'You have to do something to thank the Pirates.' I mean, they wanted to do a huge parade and blow it all out because I think the fans just really wanted to thank them and that's what this is all about. It's a thank you from the fans to the Pirates," said O'Connor.

Swings for disabled fulfill troop's desire to help

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | October 25, 2013


Councilman O'Connor builds on father's mayoral career

Point Park News Service | November 5, 2013

“I try to listen to what the district and the city needs,” he said. “It’s something my dad always did, always focusing on helping the people. I think he gave me my people skills, so I use those to help the city in any way I can.”


Brownfield development revives hope for Hazelwood

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | December 8, 2013


2012 Media Mentions

O’Connor Ready to Tackle City Issues; Says Optimism is Key

90.5 WESA | January 2, 2012

"We want to look at it as a business, and the people of Pittsburgh are our customers, and we want to provide them with the best product we can so that they want to stay here, they want to live here, they tell more people to come back here," said O'Connor.


Corey O'Connor Sworn In, Announces Engagement, Remembers Late Father

WTEA-TV | January 3, 2012

The 27-year-old O'Connor's voice cracked as he spoke of -- and to -- his late father, who once held the same council seat in District 5.

"He's somewhere up in heaven as a very proud Pittsburgher," O'Connor said. "Dad, wherever you are, I love you, we're all with you, and I know you're with me throughout these difficult days."


O'Connor casts deciding prez vote

Pittsburgh Post Gazette January 3, 2012


Kiddies adults take to ice for 25th annual Mascot Skate

Pittsburgh Post Gazette | January 15, 2012

"I think an event like this shows you some of the city's hidden treasures," Mr. O'Connor said. "Some people don't know we have great skating rinks like this, and it also helps small businesses because I heard people were eating dinner at Squirrel Hill and then coming up here."


Pittsburgh councilmen offer help with appeals

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | January 31, 2012

City residents planning to fight higher property assessments would get extensive legal and financial help -- even someone to argue their case at a hearing -- under a new package of aid proposed Monday.

Councilmen Corey O'Connor and Bill Peduto and city Controller Michael Lamb said they want the city to subsidize residents' appraisals, just as Mayor Luke Ravenstahl proposed Friday.

But the trio said they also want the city to work one-on-one with homeowners to find flaws in the new court-ordered Allegheny County assessments, identify comparable properties with lower assessments that residents could introduce at appeal hearings and even argue cases for those too timid to face the appeals board alone.


Pittsburgh officials want to help residents contest property assessments

Pittsburgh Post Gazette January 31, 2012


O'Connor seeking to launch HIV/AIDS initiative

Pittsburgh City Paper | March 29, 2012

"The attention really needs to be brought back to our neighborhoods, but also the business districts and city and county as a whole," O'Connor tells City Paper. The commission will offer a resource "so elected officials, organizations and businesses can learn more about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent it ... It's going to give people a place to go."


Council considers commission to raise HIV/AIDS awareness

Pittsburgh Post Gazette March 31, 2012

Mr. O'Connor's legislation would create the Pittsburgh HIV/AIDS Commission, with the goals of raising public awareness of the disease, bringing more parties to the table and better coordinating services at a time when there's concern about higher infection rates among some groups.


O'Connor enlists backers to improve neighborhoods

Pittsburgh Post Gazette April 16, 2012

"Corey's Crew," made up largely of volunteers from Mr. O'Connor's election campaign last year, will fan out across the 10-neighborhood council district to troubleshoot, clean lots, tutor students, maintain catch basins and help senior citizens.

"So many people want to help. This is a great outlet," said Mr. O'Connor, son of the late councilman and mayor Bob O'Connor. "This is a way to have more eyes and ears in the neighborhood."


Coffee with Corey O’Connor

Youtube May 1, 2012


City Council representative Corey O'Connor to speak at naturalization ceremony as 35 new citizens take Oath of Allegiance

 May 16, 2012


Needs of city parks add up to mean serious business

Pittsburgh Post Gazette July 10, 2012

"The city is growing and this is such a great quality-of-life issue."


Greenfield uses pervious concrete, garden to capture and purify water

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review July 21, 2012

“This is something we want residents of the city to see,” O'Connor said. “If you have flooding on a main drag or a business district, this is a possible solution that you can use a private-public partnership to solve the problem.”


Cookie Cruise raises funds for the American Liver Foundation

Pittsburgh Post Gazette August 28,2012


O'Connor bides his time on Pittsburgh City Council

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review September 2, 2013

O'Connor, 28, of Swiss­helm Park said during a stroll along Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill. “I always sort of take the mindset where if you've got something important to say, then say it. If an issue hits me, I'm going to say something about it.”


Schenley Park golf course needs more business, Councilman says

Pittsburgh Post Gazette September 24, 2012

"It's a great place for beginning golfers to learn how to play the game," said Mr. O'Connor, who is a member of the First Tee board and has played the course since childhood.


Drive to the tee: Councilman is right to focus on Schenley Course

Pittsburgh Post Gazette September 25,2012

"It's not St. Andrews or Pebble Beach, but the city of Pittsburgh's only golf course has wonderful views and its own charms. What is doesn't have is enough golfers to appreciate those charms.

Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O'Connor wants to do something about that. He is the ideal person for the job not only because he is an avid golfer but also because the course is named for his late father, Pittsburgh's popular mayor who died in 2006. The official name is the Bob O'Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park.

Better utilization of the course is not just about attracting more Pittsburghers and suburbanites to take up a healthy pastime. For a $1 year, the city leases the course to First Tee of Pittsburgh, a nonprofit with the mission of giving young people of all backgrounds an opportunity to develop positive character attributes through golf."


Mayor, Councilman O'Connor Unveil Redesigned Entrance Corridor to Greenfield Community

City of Pittsburgh Website October 14, 2012


"Best of the World" Welcomes One Young World

Imagine Pittsburgh October 17, 2012

"Pittsburgh City Council has recognized all the hard work everyone has put into our "Best of the World" effort with an official proclamation.  I [Bill Flanagan] was very pleased to have the opportunity - alongside with Craig Davis of VisitPittsburgh - to accept the "Best of the World" proclamation from Pittsburgh City Council on Tuesday.  Sponsored by Councilman Corey O'Connor, the proclamation recognizes the ongoing efforts of VisitPittsburgh, the Allegheny Conference and others to make the most of the best of the world designation."


Pittsburgh may expand emergency alerts

Pittsburgh Post Gazette October 30,2012

"As the city of Pittsburgh braced Monday for Hurricane Sandy, Councilman Corey O'Connor prepared to introduce legislation expanding the city's emergency alert system. ... Mr. O'Connor also wants to incorporate a messaging component that would allow the city to communicate exclusively with employees about cancellations, office closings and work details. He said the city will have to seek bids for the service and suggested paying for it with proceeds from advertising at city events or on city-owned structures."


Pittsburgh gives tentative OK to expanding emergency alert system

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review  November 14,2012


Pittsburgh may hire contractor to launch, manage emergency system

90.5 WESA December 3, 2012

"For the first 5,000 dollars they could set up the system, and then every resident that picks up on that or wants to join, it would be a dollar after that," said O'Connor. "So, you're not looking at an extreme cost unless every resident in the city gets it. Then we're at 300,000. So, we have to be smart when we pick the RFP [request for proposals] to keep costs as low as possible."

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