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Youth Participatory Budget Council (YPBC)

Pittsburgh's children and youth have limited access to government officials, lack programs that promote their engagement and interaction with City government, and are often left out of conversations on development. Recognizing this need and the importance of highlighting youth's lived experiences, Councilman Corey O'Connor will launch the Youth Participatory Budget Council (YPBC) in 2017.


Through a partnership with Carlow University and Saturday Light Bridage, we are launching what we are calling "Bootcamp" on June 19, and it will run through June 22. Participation in the Bootcamp will be required for all applicants selected for the Youth Participatory Budget Council. Bootcamp is a week long program in which Youth Budget participants attend workshops that will provide the knowledge and skills needed for participants to work together as a team in order to develop and research ideas on an issue they are passionate about. In these workshops, participants will learn about important issues within the City of Pittsburgh, group processes, public policy and social change, the process of City government, effective ways to conduct research, and effective ways to develop a persuasivep roject proposal. Bootcamp will also provide skills that will help to prepare participants for the presentation of their project proposal to Pittsburgh City Council. After sucessfully completing the Bootcamp, applicants will officially start the YPBC in JUly.


The YPBC is a youth-led program that focuses on promoting understanding of City government, developing youth leadership, elevating youth voices, and providing a platform for youth to propose projects that directly relate to their concerns as citizens of the City of Pittsburgh.


Interested applicants to the YPBC must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be a Pittsburgh resident.

  • Applicant must be between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.

  • Applicant must attend the week-long Bootcamp from June 19 to June 22.

  • Those chosen will be expected to training sessions once a week through the months of July and October at the Pittsburgh City-County Building.

    • The August session will be an online session, so as not to conflict with the start of the school year.

    • Each session will last a total of two hours and will include dinner, provided by the Office of Councilman O'Connor.

In each session, you will learn lessons on teamwork, projects, City government, advocacy, and research and development, through a series of activities and guest speakers and presenters. These lessons will help the youth develop a project proposal to be presented to Pittsburgh City Council at the end of the program.

Youth who are selected for this program are required to attend all meetings / sessions. We will select youth that are committed to dedicating the time and energy necessary to make this program a success, and will make sure that our selected youth are a diverse representation of our City.


Application are no longer being accepted.

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