City of Pittsburgh Council District 6
Economic Development

One of the principal goals for Councilman Lavelle during his tenure in office is to spur economic development in neighborhoods of need. The stabilization, revitalization and rejuvenation of these communities are crucial to the overall health of the greater City of Pittsburgh. It is a daunting challenge, one which is heightened by an adverse economic climate, but it is a crucial battle the Councilman is working to tackle through initiatives that promote job growth and economic opportunity.

In November of 1999, Pittsburgh citizens voted to approve a legislative package titled Pittsburgh Works. The intent of the legislation was to increase participation by City of Pittsburgh residents on publicly funded projects to which the City of Pittsburgh acts as a party. Specifically, 35% of a project’s total work hours were required to be performed by local residents. Pittsburgh Works is an important piece of legislation, but recent questions as to its proper enforcement have highlighted the need for an update.

An economic initiative being looked into by Councilman Lavelle would seek not only to strengthen enforcement of Pittsburgh Works, but also build upon its foundation. The idea is to expand the ordinance to include provisions aimed at strengthening Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods of need. Suggestions include:

  • A provision aimed at increasing participation by minority and women owned businesses in publicly funded projects
  • A provision aimed at increasing employment of residents in low-moderate income neighborhoods in publicly funded projects 
  • A provision aimed at promoting apprenticeship opportunities for local residents

The ultimate goal is to provide an opportunity to all residents of Pittsburgh to benefit from publicly funded projects. Councilman Lavelle is working to guarantee that the dollars and employment positions generated by these projects remain within City limits to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, the goal is to open avenues for residents in low-moderate income neighborhoods to become invested in their communities and in the City of Pittsburgh through real opportunities of advancement.

Office of Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle
414 Grant Street, 5th Floor | City County Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
telephone: 412-255-2134 | facsimile 412-255-0737


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