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Hello all! Welcome to the Parent Resource Page where we have a made a series of short lists of resources that families can utilize.  We would also like to hear feedback about the page, the resources, and if you would like to see anything added to this page (the link is provided below).  Thank you for visiting!



Small World Learning:
•Phone (412) 391-8250
•Location: 607 Penn Avenue, 2nd Floor
•Location: 960 Penn Avenue, 2nd Floor 

Bright Horizons:
•Phone: (877) 624-4532.
•Location: 2629 East Carson Street

•Phone: (412) 831-7070
•Location: 5189 Library Road, Bethel Park

•Phone: (412) 765-3973
•Location: 600 Grant St

Shady lane school:
•Phone: (412) 243-4040
•Location: 100 North Braddock Avenue

Child’s Way:
•Phone: (412) 441-4884
•About: Child care for children with special needs.
•Location: 5324 Penn Avenue

ABC’s for Children:
•Phone: (412) 344- 4422
•Location: 1630 Greentree Rd.

Programs and Information

Healthy Start, Inc.:
•Phone: (412) 247-4009
•Helpline: (412) 247-1000
•About: Founded in 1991, Healthy Start’s mission is to reduce the infant mortality rate and the number of low birth weight babies in Southwestern Pennsylvania and the country through a various types of programs.

Childcare Information Services:
•Phone: (412) 261-CARE (2273)
•About: Child Care Information Services (CCIS) is a state and federally funded program provided through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Public Welfare.  Every family who calls for child care referrals or subsidy guidelines is given information about this program.


Boys and Girls Club
•Phone: (412) 681-8575
•Location: 6 Brownell Place

Center Avenue YMCA:
•Phone: (412) 621-1762
•Location: 2621 Centre Avenue

Thelma Lovette YMCA:
•Phone: (412) 315-0990
•Location: 2114 Centre Avenue

•Phone: (412) 471-9622
•Location: 236 Fifth Avenue

PNC YMCA at the US Steel Tower:
•Phone: (412) 745-9622
•Location: 600 Grant Street


The Pittsburgh Project:
•Phone: (412) 321-1678
•About: Affordable quality afterschool and daycamp programs for young people in grades K-12.
•Location: 2801 North Charles Street

•Phone: (412) 434-0851
•About: An after school program for young kids to help them succeed.
•Location: 711 West Commons

Schenley Heights Community Development Program:
•Phone: (412) 621-3341
•About: A place in the hill district that allows kids to go and basically stay out of trouble.
•Location: 3171 Ewart Drive

Mount Ararat Community Activity Center:
•Phone: (412) 441-1852
•About: This program is meant to help family qualities by reaching out to them.
•Location: 271 Paulson Avenue

Ozanam Inc.:
•Phone: Boys Call (412) 389-4305, Girls Call (412) 389-4566
•About: Want to enrich and enhance young adult’s lives through physical sports.
•Location: Ozanam Basketball Program

•Phone: (412) 621-9612
•About: A faith based organization that impacted many families since they opened in the summer of 2000.
•Location: 2701 Centre Ave.

FAME: Fund for the Advancement of Minorities Through Education:
•Phone: (412) 363-5553
•About: A fund the was put together so that kids can get the education that they need.
•Location: 6031 Broad Street

•Phone: 412-566-2760
•About: Gives young kids the opportunity to reach their highest potential
•Location: 332 Fifth Avenue, 1st Floor


Most of these clinics will serve everyone regardless of whether they have insurance or not. They have discounts based on income and they have payment plans set in place. Many of the places have at least a review of 3 out of 4 stars for quality of care and services rendered.

Pittsburgh Mercy Family Health Center:
•Phone: (412) 697-3260

Be Well! Pittsburgh:

Northside Christian Health Center:
•Phone: (412) 321-4001

Hill House Health Center:
•Phone: (412) 392-4400


Pittsburgh Parent:
•About: General parent website for parents in Pittsburgh.

Children’s Hospital of UPMC:
•About: Links and information on various parent-children programs offered by UPMC.

Carnegie Library:
•About: Links to education, child development and child care resources.

Nickelodeon Parents Connect:
•About: Links to various parent resources in Pittsburgh.

After School Pittsburgh:
•About: Database of after school programs and summer programs for youth in Pittsburgh.

Allegheny County Dept of Human Services:
•About: Links to various after-school programs located in Allegheny County.

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