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Bloomfield is located just east of Downtown, and is surrounded by Shadyside, Friendship, Garfield, Lawrenceville, and Oakland. It is easily accessible via Liberty Avenue, Penn Avenue and Bigelow Boulevard.  Bloomfield's name was derived from the many wildflowers that bloomed here years ago.

In the late 1800s, millworkers in nearby Lawrenceville constructed small row houses designed for single families and businesses in the style of their homeland.  Today, many well-maintained row homes along quaint, narrow streets characterize Bloomfield. 

Bloomfield has of the City's largest, and most active, business districts  located along Liberty Avenue. The ethnic Neighborhood of 'Pittsburgh's Little Italy' is home to numerous  heritage shops, shoe stores, Italian restaurants, and groceries abound, attracting shoppers not only from nearby neighborhoods but from the whole Pittsburgh region.

Here homes are often passed down through families, and grandchildren usually live just a few blocks from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.Bloomfield residents are deeply rooted in the community and are proud of their recreational and youth programs.

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