City of Pittsburgh Council District 7
Allegheny River Setback

Councilman Dowd has been advocating for development that protects accessibility to our riverfronts for publicly financed projects. 

Councilman Dowd presents amendments to Strip District redevelopment plan

Read Councilman Dowd's amendments to the plan to redevelop  the Strip District 

Strip District Redevelopment Overview
Major Projects and Issues

Urban Redevelopment Authority applies for demolition permit for Produce Terminal Building

View both pages of the URA's application to demolish the Produce Terminal Building in the Strip District by following the links below:

Councilman Dowd writes amendments to proposed zoning legislation for Strip District Riverfront Landing redevelopment project

On Wednesday, December 5th, Councilman Dowd distributed proposed amendments to the Specially Planned District zoning legislation relating to the Strip District redevelopment project along the Allegheny Riverfront. 

Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority releases Allegheny Riverfront Green Boulevard plan

Read the Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority's Allegheny Riverfront Green Boulevard plan

Strip District Preliminary Land Development Plan Considered by City Council

City Council will hold a Public Hearing and a Post Agenda on a proposal to change the zoning for a portion of the Strip District that includes the Produce Terminal building and the Buncher Company's riverfront property to a Specially Planned District to be named Riverfront Landing. 

Important Dates:

  • Monday, September 24th at 1:00pm - Post Agenda discussing the Riverfront Landing zoning change
  • Tuesday, September 25th at 1:00pm - Public Hearing to provide public comment relating to the proposed Specially Planned District in the Strip District

Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan

The City of Pittsburgh has engaged community members, businesses, and other stakeholders to create a long term master plan for further development of the communities along the Allegheny River, including the Strip District, Lawrenceville, Morningside, and Highland Park. Take a look at the master plan below:

Councilman Patrick Dowd talks with Essential Pittsburgh about issues with Buncher Company Tax Increment Financing proposal 

Councilman Patrick Dowd sat down with Essential Pittsburgh on 90.5 Essential Public Radio last week to discuss the URA and Buncher Company’s plan to redevelop the Lower Strip District. In the interview, Councilman Dowd provides an overview of the development proposal, as well as his concerns about the long term effects that the current proposal will have on the Strip District.

Councilman Dowd Releases Third Letter to Mayor Ravenstahl Regarding Proposed Development

Read Councilman Dowd's third letter.

Read Councilman Dowd's second letter.

Read Councilman Dowd's first letter.

URA Releases Agreements for 43rd Street and 62nd Street 

The Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Athority has released documents outlining agreements between the Buncher Company and the URA slated for properties in Lawrenceville. 

Follow the Story in the News!

Councilman Dowd and the District 7 team have compiled and archived news stories about Buncher's proposed Strip District development plan, on the "In the News" section of the District 7 website. 


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