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Councilwoman Gross releases a monthly e-newsletter!  Keep up to date with the latest from District 7!

Monthly Newsletter
Newsletter & Media Coverage


Councilwoman Gross sends out a monthly e-newsletter on the first Monday of the month every month!  

Each issue contains News and Updates which chronicles the big issues emerging from the office and city-council during the previous month.  It shares news stories from the neighborhoods making up our district, too.  

Each newsletter also contains a section dedicated to the district's community groups, businesses, and nonprofits entitled the District 7 Spotlight as well.  It is designed to allow our community members to share the voice regarding what's important to them whether its providing an update or information about their organization, business, or nonprofit.  

Each month the Councilwoman also pens a brief reflection regarding the work she has been doing and sharing her views on our shared vision for District 7 entitled Thoughts from the Office.

And, finally, the e-newsletter contains a list of next month's community meetings as well as the upcoming special events and festivals soon to be happening in the district.



If you would like to pen an article for the District 7 Spotlight, promote an upcoming event, or comment on an idea found in the newsletter please contact the Community Relations Coordinator, Brent Weinert.  He can be reached by phone at 412-255-2140 or e-mail.



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Archived issues can be found here.

Archived issues before November 2014 can be found here.


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