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City of Pittsburgh Council District 7
Stanton Heights

Stanton Heights is located east of Downtown, with convenient access to Highland Park and Liberty Avenue and Butler Street shopping districts.  It is surrounded by Lawrenceville, Morningside, East Liberty and Garfield.

The area now known as Stanton Heights was not even a  City neighborhood just over fifty years ago.  Back then, it was a private country club.  The result is that this neighborhood set at the top of Stanton Avenue, with the character of a suburb, has new homes, quiet streets with little to no traffic, and no commercial area at all.  Before people lived in Stanton Heights, they farmed and golfed there.  Until the mid-1950s, a large portion of the neighborhood was part of the Stanton Heights Golf Course, the largest private course in the City.

While Stanton Heights does not have its own neighborhood business district, residents have plenty of shopping choices nearby.  Grocery stores, dry cleaners, hardware stores, and pharmacies can be found in East Liberty, Bloomfield, and Squirrel Hill.  A featured event is the Fun Festival held each summer.

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