City of Pittsburgh Council District 7
Strip District

The Strip District is often referred to as 'Pittsburgh’s Grocery Store.' With its long history as a wholesale food district, 'the Strip,' as it is commonly called, is ripe with wholesale and retail food vendors, ethnic grocers, and restaurants that have been established for generations. The Strip District on a Saturday morning is perhaps one of the busiest and most densely filled areas in the City. It is a place where any visitor is able to find specialty ethnic foods, fresh produce, and a unique old world market atmosphere. 

In addition to the Strip District's vast markets, there has been a boom in the artistic endeavors of the community. Multiple creative firms and 'grassroots' non-profit organizations have begun to spring up alongside long-standing community stakeholders. This movement has encouraged the housing in the area to become modernized and reclaimed, issuing in an influx of young professionals to compliment the families who have been in business for generations.

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