City of Pittsburgh Council District 8
Inaugural Address

I ran for public office because I believed that Pittsburgh is the greatest City in the world. However, I also believe that it can be so much more.

I believe in a city that promotes equality for all, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual preference.

I believe in a city that should most livable for all, not just a segment of the population.

I believe in a city where people get paid enough that when they put in an honest hard-working 8 hour day – they should go home to their families with health care, money to pay the rent, and money to put food on the table.

I believe in a city where our neighborhoods are home to a third place. Not just a place to work and a place to live, but a third place- a place where communities come together, a place where kids can play, a place where people can worship, a place where people can find compassionate support.

I believe in a city that values education. A city that believes every child should receive a full education, beginning with pre-K.

I believe in a city that uses data and not politics to make decisions.

I believe in a city that uses modern technology to improve the way we provide city services to taxpayers.

I believe in a city that values and respects the hard-work and sacrifice of our City employees – many of whom sacrifice privacy, salary, and family time due to their love of the City.

I believe in a city that creates partnerships with universities, hospitals, foundations, and corporations to all work together to create a vibrant and sustainable future.

I believe in a city that recognizes that all developments should honor the three P’s. Profit for developer, People that are well paid and protected from negative impacts, and a Planet that is protected from pollution and unsustainable practices.

I believe in Pittsburgh.

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