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Larimer Vision to Action Plan
The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh is partnering with the Larimer community’s Primary Planning Team (PPT)
Demolition of Collier
The start of demolition came more than a decade after Sarah Campbell and other activists began pressuring the city to rid the neighborhood of the dilapidated buildings that symbolized the neighborhood's long decline.
Councilman Burgess
Councilman/Reverend Ricky Burgess has a strong belief in the community of Pittsburgh and in the greater community he serves.
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What's New in District 9?

On 1/19/15 the Wage Committee, headed by Councilman Burgess, presented to the Council. Their presentation on the impact of Low Wages in the City's anchor institutions can be viewed here.

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On Tuesday, December 8, City Council​man​ Rev. Ricky Burgess will presented​ findings and recommendations from the Wage Committee, which was charged with investigating wages paid to workers in hospitals, Pittsburgh’s largest industry, and with evaluating the impact of those wages on the city’s economy.

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City Councilman Rev. Burgess to Convene Wage Committee to Study Impact of Increasing Wages in Anchor Institutions

Hearings October 22 and 23 to Discuss Pay for Service Workers at Area Hospitals

 The City Council approved legislation as part of A City for All Agenda, an initiative to protect, preserve and expand affordability and livability for low and moderate income residents in the city of Pittsburgh, to establish a Wage Committee that investigates the wages paid to service workers in, our largest industry.

The goal of the Committee is to improve the city’s understanding of the impact of current wages on hospital and service workers and their families and determine what minimum wages  should be.
Councilman Rev. Burgess will convene two Wage Committee hearings to solicit testimony from service workers employed in our city’s hospitals and from healthcare and economic experts. The hearings will be held on October 22, 2015 at 3:30 pm in Oakland at the Hilton Garden Inn  3454 Forbes Ave.and on October 23, 2015 at 3:30 pm on the Northside at the Central Northside Banquet Hall 302 W.North Ave. (former Greek Orthodox Church).
 If you are unable to attend please submit your testimony in writing via this link:



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A City for All Agenda.

Councilman Rev. Ricky Burgess introduced “A City for All Agenda.”  It is an initiative to protect, preserve and expand affordability and livability for low and moderate income residents in the city of Pittsburgh. Specifically, it will focus on affordable housing for all, living wage jobs for all, neighborhood safety for all, and good schools for all.

Burgess says, “It is time to prioritize low and moderate income residents in the city of Pittsburgh. Everybody deserves a clean, decent, safe, and affordable place to call home in the “new” Pittsburgh. That’s why we have to make Pittsburgh a livable and affordable city for everyone.”  There are four pieces of legislation that will be introduced as a part of the initial agenda:

  1.    Source of income discrimination amends the City’s fair housing law to include source of income as a protected class, which will prohibit discrimination based on income.
  2.            Affordable housing impact statement requires all new development to file a statement detailing the new developments impact on affordable housing.
  3.           The Wage Review Committee, will commission a study that examines the substantial number of low income workers employed in our City’s anchor industries.
  4.      The HELP (Homewood, East Hills, East Liberty, Larimer, Linconln-Lemington-Belmar) Protection Initiative will bring together  public and private partners to develop an East End multi-neighborhood affordable housing protection strategy that will capitalize on the strengths and the opportunities of the East End Market.
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Bridging the Busway is a community-driven planning vision for the Homewood and Point Breeze North neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. It lays out a vision for physical, social and economic sustainability in Homewood and Point Breeze North.

The planning team, led by Studio for Spatial Practice, operated at two scales: focusing on market-based development scenarios for Homewood Avenue, north and south of the Busway; and also imagining strategic projects that could catalyze revitalization throughout Homewood. Bridging the Busway is not a comprehensive plan, intended to imagine the future of every neighborhood parcel and address all of the economic and social challenges facing Homewood. Instead, this plan identifies targeted physical development opportunities that could help Homewood become a robust community of choice that is a source of pride to residents and business owners.   

Bridging the Busway specifically seeks to capitalize on the underutilized potential of Homewood Station, using “transit-oriented development” to jumpstart revitalization in the heart of the neighborhood.

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The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh is partnering with the Larimer community’s Primary Planning Team (PPT) – comprised of representatives and staffs from the Housing Authority, Larimer Consensus Group, Kingsley Association, East Liberty Development Inc., East Liberty Housing, Inc., the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh City Planning Department, along with the offices of State Senator Jim Ferlo, Councilman Reverend Ricky Burgess, and State Representative Joe Preston – to undertake a comprehensive community transformation plan as a preparation to apply for a Choice Neighborhoods grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). From April 2012 through February 2013 our Primary Planning Team will work with consulting partners from Perkins Eastman and Jackson/Clark Partners on the Larimer Vision to Action Plan to submit to HUD for the Choice Neighborhoods grant.

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