Current Projects

On this page you will find some of the projects we are currently working on. Each project will have a brief description followed by links to copies of previous presentations or other informative documents. Check back here periodically for updates.


Upcoming Events:

Joncaire Steps Re-Opening

In late January 2018, Clearwater Contractors began construction on the Joncaire Steps. Their primary construction tasks included:

  • placing new concrete
  • reforming the top and bottom of the stairwell
  • creating path landings
  • installing a bike "runnel" (a small strip of concrete on the right-hand side of the staircase)

Construction work was finalized in early October 2018. The last step of the project will involve the planting (and donation) of twenty trees from local environmental non-profit organization, Tree Pittsburgh. The tree planting will take place October 17. To highlight the new Steps and efforts of those who helped make the improvements a reality, there will be a celebratory event mid-October.

Images and details coming soon!


Bigelow Boulevard Reconstruction

Bigelow Boulevard is the civic center of the Pitt campus and host to students, business visitors, employees, and tourists. The streetscape project proposes a comprehensive set of improvements that addresses circulation and safety, while incorporating a streetscape design sensitive to the area's history. The project upgrades an important bike connection, relocates and enhances the pedestrian crossing, calms traffic, and uses best practices in street design to create a better sense of place in Oakland.

Presentations and additional information:

Bigelow Boulevard Reconstruction 06 07 2018 (PDF)


Smallman Street Improvements

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure intends to resurface Smallman Street in the Strip District from 16th to 21st Street in conjunction with a project by the Urban Redevelopment Authority to facilitate the restoration and reuse of the historic Produce Terminal building. More than just resurfacing, the project will include substantial improvements to the street including a new street distribution, new pavement patterns, new lighting fixtures, new street furnishings and stairs and ramps from street level to the Produce Terminal Building’s dock level to allow for easy and inviting transition and travel from the raised dock level to the street. 

The resurfacing / streetscaping components will consist of the following: 

  • Mill and overlay of the existing asphalt to provide a blank canvas to redistribute the right of way.
  • Maintenance of the existing drainage and curb lines to prevent the need for complete reconstruction.
  • Creation of bump outs, medians, and plazas along the southern side of the street using textured (stamped) and tinted (painted) asphalt.
  • Establishment of curbless concrete sidewalk along the northern side of the street to provide more space for pedestrians.

For any/all questions please contact DOMI Government and Public Relations Liaison, Kelly McGuire


Presentations and additional information:

Smallman Street Improvements- September 12 2018 Update

Smallman Community Meeting 08 22 2018 Presentation (PDF)
Smallman Community Meeting 07 31 2018 Presentation (PDF)