Traffic Obstruction Permit

What is a traffic obstruction permit?

A Traffic Obstruction Permit is required to safely and efficiently maintain traffic flow on major arteries, at intersections, in business districts or any special situations.

How to Obtain a Traffic Obstruction Permit:

  1. Obtain a Mobility & Infrastructure (DOMI) permit at 611 Second Avenue for any closure or obstruction of the public Right of Way. Required Application Information:
    • Exact location of work
    • Proposed area
    • Duration of closure
    • Anticipated working hours
    • Provisions for maintaining traffic flow
    • In most cases, the applicant will be required to submit a Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plan (MPT).
      • Plan should address advance warning signs, barricades around work area, and proposed detours.
      • Preparation of the MPT Plan is the responsibility of the applicant, however the DOMI engineering staff will provide advice and guidance as needed.
  2. Bring the DOMI permit to the 3rd floor at 611 Second Avenue to apply for the Traffic Obstruction Permit.


  • In some cases, working hours may be limited to evenings, weekends or off-peak hours.
  • Permit may require that off-duty police officers or flaggers be used to direct traffic around the work area.
  • Traffic Obstruction Permit may be issued over the counter if all of the required application information is evident and accurate.
  • In some cases, a standard MPT Plan from PennDot Publication 203 may be sufficient, while in others, a more detailed plan will be required.