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Drawing Submittal Requirements
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Drawing Submittal Requirements for Improvements in the Right-of-Way

Improvements within the Public Right-of-Way which alter the existing geometry, composition, or operation of the right(s)-of-way (i.e. topographical changes, curb line modification, intersection upgrades, new public infrastructure, etc.) require full plan review by DPW. The applicant must submit construction plans, signed and sealed by an engineer licensed in the state of Pennsylvania, for the proposed construction activities in the public right-of-way. DPW will begin review of the plan set at the conceptual or 30% design level, however only final construction plans can be approved for the necessary City signatures. The plan set for improvements within the public right-of-way should be submitted to DPW at the same time site and architectural plans are submitted to the Zoning and Development Review DivisionCertain DPW plan approvals will be contingent upon the project owner entering into license, easement, and/or maintenance agreement(s) with the City for the approved improvements within the public right-of-way. Owners or consultants typically coordinate the review process for improvements within the public right-of-way with the DPW. 

The Right-of-Way Improvement Plan Checklist contains the DPW’s expectations for a complete plan set submittal.

Projects that Require DPW Review

Title Four, Article I: Public Rights-of-Way and Title Ten, Chapter 1003 of Pittsburgh's Zoning Code requires DPW review for many types of projects, based on the project’s potential impacts to the public right-of-way. The best way to determine if your project qualifies for DPW review, is to reach out the DPW staff engineer at 412.255.8994 and ask.‚Äč


To schedule a pre-review meeting with DPW staff to discuss your project, call the DPW administrative assistant at 412.255.2472. Pre-review meetings are a critical step in the DPW review process and should be scheduled by the applicant prior to submitting plans.


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