Bureaus & Divisions


The role of the Architecture division is to ensure the integrity of the City's facilities including its buildings and recreational assets. By designing safe, affordable, functional, attractive, and responsive facilities the division maintains a high standard of excellence.

Environmental Services

The mission of Environmental Services is to establish and maintain a refuse and recycling system that promotes a safe, litter-free and environmentally friendly City for all of its residents and customers. Environmental Services has two main divisions:

  • Refuse Division: The role of this division is to collect regular mixed and bulk refuse from approximately 115,200 residential properties with 5 dwelling units or less, the Housing Authority, the Borough of Wilkinsburg and the City government buildings.
  • Recycling Division: The role of this division is to maintain, monitor and advance waste reduction and recycling activities that are fiscally responsible, environmentally-minded and compliant with state law for all City residents, businesses and organizations.


The Forestry Division of the Department of Public Works is committed to providing prompt, efficient, and safe delivery of arboricultural services to citizens.

Park Maintenance

The goals of the Parks Maintenance Divisions are to maintain the beauty, safety and usability of City of Pittsburgh parks.

DPW Permits

The DPW Permits counter offers permits to residents, and opens from 7am to 3pm Monday through Friday. We accept credit cards, checks and money orders as payment for permits.

Street Maintenance

The Mission of the City of Pittsburgh Street Maintenance Bureau is to take care of the city's needs in street resurfacing, snow and ice removal, street sweeping, disaster response, and land records to help ensure safe and clean streets in our city.